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Under Construction Page Plugin – Review And Setup Guide

Ever ran over a blog or site whose page displayed “website not accessible”? Or on the other hand, you would not have any desire to show Readers a site that is on upkeep right?

It would be somewhat irritating or unprofessional to have your guests see this message while your blog is under development, support mode or including new features.

If you have to Launch your site or need to take off little upgrades in the back-end of your site, then you require an Under Construction Page to stay on Maintenance Mode or Coming Soon Mode.

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We shall be looking at Under Construction Page extensively – what it is and what it can do.

What is Under Construction Page or Site Maintenance Page?

Under Construction Page is used by webpage Owners to show their website or blog is in Construction Mode or Maintenance Mode. Notwithstanding whether you are presenting another Plugin or revealing some little enhancements to your site. This may impact your visitors to leave your site without knowing the reason.

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It’s always advisable to let them know the reason by making a magnificent Page Design for the work in progress mode. Don’t worry, it’s so easy!  Simply install the plugin under construction page and you’ll have all the 25+ configurations to choose, in actuality at whatever point you are in Under Construction Mode.

Under Construction Page Review

UCP(Under Construction Page) is a Plugin made to display brilliantly plot Maintenance page for the WordPress filled site. This Plugin is made by Web Factory Ltd. In case you searched on Google for Under Construction Page Plugin then you’ll find it’s the best with a rating of 4.9 with more than 1000 ratings and the best thing is that it’s free, although it has a Paid PRO Version with amazing features.

If you have to set up your own “We’re doing some work on the site, return later” page with No Coding Skills then UCP is the most important Plugin for you.

Simple and Fast

This Plugin is designed keeping beginners who don’t know Coding or Designing in mind. This has a to a great degree fundamental User Interface and fast. So no one will be bothered in presenting it.

New Designs Regularly

The Web Factory produces two new designs every month, so you got a new template reliably totally free.

Have 130k+ Users and astonishing Rating

It has more than 100 thousands of active users and has more than 1000+ five star ratings. It has a general 4.9 rating which is adequate.

Availability of Social Media Icons

This is the part that I adored most in light of the way that in the meantime visitors can interact with your online person to person communication pages. In case any visitors land on your Maintenance page, by then they have a choice to interact with your online long range informal communication pages. That can extend your social engagement.

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That does not mean that you routinely go into Maintenance Mode for social engagement.

Google Analytics Integration

It has an option that you can facilitate your Google Analytics Code into the Construction Page. So, you can see what number of visitors landed on your Construction Page.

How To Create Under Construction Page

Download the Plugin here

This is as easy as any other Plugin Installation. Along these lines, just head over to the under construction page website or in the wWordPress>> plugins >> Add New and search for under construction. After that, you have the Plugin before you, by then install and activate it.

Enable the Under Construction Mode 

Enable the Under Construction mode before going to Under Maintenance of your site. It is only a click away. Basically, just enable the mode by going into Setting >> UnderConstruction >> Switch the Under Construction Mode get into ON. Your Under Construction Page is ready, however, note that enabling the Under Construction Mode, No one can get to your site content beside you.

Under Construction page basic settings

In this crucial setting, you may have seen the other two options, one is Automatic End Date and Time and the other is Google Analytics Tracking. You can set the Time and Date at which the Mode Under Construction will stop. You can enter the Google Analytics Code into the Tracking that this page keeps counting in your Google Analytics Dashboard.

27+ Designs to make a dazzling page

This plugin has an arrangement of designs to make a mind-blowing page for your site. Just you have to do is select an organized template whichever you like and save the setting. And boy! your page is changed and designed for all devices to look remarkable. Here is some case of pages that can be designed on your site.

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Add Content

In the Content Setting page, you can set your page title. Incorporate some extraordinary Headlines in the element zone. Below are some examples.

  • Sorry, we’re doing some work on the site.
  • Sorry,  we’re doing some work on the site. In the meanwhile, you can check our social media pages.
  • Sorry, we’re doing some work on the site. Hope to see you return later.

Manage Access Setting

In the manage access setting, you can set who can get to the site content in under construction mode. you can choose from the list of roles available, the default is the administrator.

You can also make the website visible to some users If you want to control the access to the website by specific usernames. Here is what to do, create a list of whitelist users by typing their name in the Whitelist Users box.


Under Construction Page PRO Version

hey! Remember I said this Plugin also has a Paid PRO version with amazing features. Below are the features of the PRO version.

  • Drag and Drop page builder
  • Improved access control
  • Custom links with custom expire rules
  • MailChimp and Zapier support
  • Support for local database autoresponder
  • Import and Export settings
  • Unsplash API integration – get access to more than 300k photos
  • Newsletter module
  • Countdown timer and much more!


Have you used this UCP plugin for your website before? Share your experience with us. And if you’re yet to use under Construction page, I’ll recommend you go with the pro version of under Construction page and use this plugin. Stop showing your visitors a broken or working page and use this plugin ASAP.

Under Construction Page Plugin Review


UCP(Under Construction Page) is a Plugin made to display brilliantly plot Maintenance page for the WordPress filled site. This Plugin is made by Web Factory Ltd. In case you searched on Google for Under Construction Page Plugin then you’ll find it’s the best with a rating of 4.9 with more than 1000 ratings.


  • Simple and Fast
  • New Designs Regularly
  • Have 130k+ Users and astonishing Rating
  • Availability of Social Media Icons
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • 27+ Designs to make a dazzling page


  • You need to get the PRO version for more features.


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