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How To Make Your Blog Popular – Part 1

Making a blog popular is every bloggers dream. It cannot be done overnight and I know it is not easy if you are new in the business but if you are hard working and are willing to learn and adapt, I can guarantee success my friend.

There are many ways to take your blog to the next level but always make sure you know what you are dealing with. I have seen people spamming the shit out of social bookmarking and networking sites such as digg, reddit, facebook and requesting people to vote for their links. Please do not do that. This is considered spam and it really sucks. But then again, reddit is very popular. If you have something awesome to share and it goes viral on reddit, you will get tons of traffic.

In the part 1 of this article, i’m going to list out some ways to make your blog popular.

Customize Your Blog Design

Well without a doubt, design matters. This is very important my friends and that is why I have listed it first. Every blog should have a unique design. People are attracted to something that is unique and interesting. When a person visits your blog, the design gives them the first impression and this determines the amount of time they spend browsing your blog. Now to be honest, if your blog has a crappy design, I am not going to visit it. Even if I visit it accidently, I might spend a few seconds before I leave and bam.

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Look at this blog. How cool is it? I am sure you can setup something similar or decent. Practice makes perfect so keep tweaking and trying out new layout, design and navigation and focus on creating the best user experience for your readers. (You can contact me to design your blog).

Add Your Blog to Blog Communities

Blog communities are really popular for blogs. Other bloggers and web enthusiasts are constantly checking out these communities for networking and information. There are many communities you can submit your blog to but it’s better to stick with the ones which are popular.

Remember: When you follow a blog that you find interesting, and you contribute something nice through commenting on it, you are basically increasing your visibility in the community. A lot of people will check you out and also subscribe to your blog if you are good. Always try to participate in a network and engage in conversations. Whether you write a blog post or a comment, make sure it delivers some value to the community.

Write Tutorials and Pillar Articles

Now think about this, if you write an article about what happened on a certain day, the content is meant only for that day and with time it gets old. But, if you write a How-to Article or a tutorial that solves a problem, it stays there forever.

Let me explain. If you write something about “How to get rid of twitter spam or How to get loyal readers to your blog”, you know that you can use these tutorials whenever you want and they won’t get old because the same method would apply all the time. Lots of people will share it and bookmark it for future reference. Pillar articles are killers and you can easily write at least 5-6 a month.

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Be A Guest Author On Popular Blogs

Most blogs you will come across these days accept guest posts. Popular blogs like problogger, ogbongeblog, johnchow just to name a few; they all give new bloggers a chance to get noticed through guest blogging. Now this is a great opportunity and shouldn’t be missed. You can’t just post anything you like but it should be related to the niche and you have to prove your worth. One blog post on some of these popular blogs can get you huge amount of traffic.

Writing guest posts is a truly amazing way to get noticed and drive traffic to your blog. Don’t forget the link juice you get and waves of new subscribers. And did i forget to say that we also accept guest posts? Yes we do! So you can as well contact us and send in your post.

Let me stop here for today so that you will have the time to experiment with them. Hope you learnt something from this post, i know some of you had already known this methods and have used them, but i tell you may not know what will be in the part 2 of this article. Which i’ll be posting very soon, so keep a date with us. Dont forget to drop your comment.

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