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How To Make Your Blog Popular – Part 2

Just like i posted in the part 1 of this article that i’ll be posting the part 2 of it soon, here is it below.

Give Something To Download For Free

I love free stuff, don’t you? A good way to gain readership and make your blog popular is to give free stuff to the public. It can be almost anything; an eBook, a wordpress theme, some popular tools or even free online class. Based on the experience from other blogs, people love free things especially when they are premium and valuable.

There are several PLR content that you could give away to your readers. Whatever you decide to give, make sure it is worth downloading. Ask yourself, would you download it yourself? If you wouldn’t download the free stuff yourself, you can’t expect others to download it either. Quality matters my friend and if your stuff is good, people will just keep coming.

Blog Frequently

Fresh content is the key to your blog’s success. Do not just blog once a week and expect people to check in every day. Your readers are hungry for information and they expect to see something valuable and new on your blog frequently. I know sometimes you can get busy and have days when you don’t feel like blogging, and it is completely ok. If blogging is your passion, you will manage time for a post; it comes naturally my friends.

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The search engines can find out how often you blog is published and they love fresh content. The more often you post to your blog, the better it gets.

Whatever style you adapt, make sure your content is unique because at the end of the day, that is what matters the most.

Link Love

One of the best ways to get your blog noticed is to trade links with other bloggers in the same niche. There are multiple ways you can approach a blogger or an author and request for a link love. You can email them, you can comment on their blog post (make sure you don’t spam) also add them on your facebook and discuss about it.

The best way to get link love is through guest blogging as mentioned in the part 1 of this article. Try creating some great blog posts in some popular blogs and you will get both traffic and quality backlinks.

Create A Facebook Page And Promote It

Facebook pages are rising in popularity. Check your account right now and tell me how many invitations you got to join a page. I bet it’s a lot. Create a facebook page for your blog right now and start sharing it with other millions of facebook users. And also make sure you don’t spam because it can be really irritating. You can also set up your blog’s RSS Feed on the Page itself so that people can check out your posts without even visiting your blog.

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The new facebook timeline gives you lots of options. There are lots of amazing facebook apps that you can use to integrate your blog with facebook and make sharing easy breezy. Some good methods you can use to promote your facebook page is by adding a widget on your blog, adding a popup like button, writing a blog post on it and also including the page details in your newsletter. Facebook is huge and the traffic is legit. The quicker you create your page and get involved with it, the better social presence you will have.

Get A Twitter Account And Tweet Your Posts

I am sure by now most bloggers have a twitter account. Forget bloggers, pretty much everyone has a twitter account today, and they use it to broadcast what they eat, when they sleep etc lolz. There is no problem in doing that but to make it a little more productive, how about tweeting your blog posts to your followers instead.

People follow you because they are interested in sharing things with you. When you tweet, they are most likely willing to check it out. I like the idea of microblogging because it makes it easy for you to share your opinion and cool stuff with the world. Achieving the celebrity status on twitter is everyone’s dream. If you deliver value through tweets, you will have created a huge network of loyal followers who will retweet your stuff which eventually drive massive traffic to your blog. Remember, retweets do not only help in driving traffic but also help in search engine optimization.

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I hope you have found this article helpful. Keep following the right thing, learn and adapt and, I promise that your blog will reach new heights.

Don’t forget to share with friends, and also drop your comments.

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