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Best Killer Facebook Post Ideas To Maximize Engagement

Facebook is a social media network with over 1 billion people…If considered to be a continent,  it would have been named as the 5th largest continent in the entire world.

Best killer facebook post ideas to maximize engagement

Every business needs a fan base.
Every one needs a consistent source of traffic to his or her blog.
Every one wishes to get his / he business well known and spread all over the nation.

Now the thing is.

How do I get to engage my fans on facebook?

How do I get to make a post spread all over the social media?

What are some of the best social media posts for business?

All these and more would be sorted out in this article as we move forward.

Today our Guest Author Okeke Jerry will be giving out some of the best killer facebook post ideas for business or blog owners. So keep reading.

Look Vulnerable

No one is and can be 100% perfect.
We all have our flaws and weaknesses
Always from time to time share your struggles and look out for solutions .
This would make your brand look responsible and human.

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Share a picture of your business brand

Sharing a photo of your business or workplace makes your business brand look real and genuine.
When people know your brand is not fake but genuine, they would now be able to trust and have confidence in you.

Conduct a facebook contest post

Everyone loves a good contest.
Conduct a facebook contest, give out freebies.
When you run a contest post for your business brand, many people would want to be a part of it and this would make your business brand popular and well known.
You can use this to build your email subscription list by asking them of their email address before allowing them to partake in the giveaway.

Fill in the gap

This is also one of the top killer facebook posts ideas.
Fill in the gap questions has more engagement than other question format.
Go try this one yourself.

Follow Friday

Always give out opportunities for others to promote their business brand.
I would recommend you do this once or twice a week.
When you do this, not only do you promote your business brand, you also gives others the chance to advertise theirs.

Fan only discount

You should from time to time reward some of your active fans.
Many would like to be one of those that gets rewarded and would always stick to your blog.

Cross promote with other entrepreneurs

Only do this with those who are on the same business like with you.
Promote their products, invite people to come like your facebook page and ask them to do same with yours.

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Be Real

Do not be afraid to post about your personal life.
Upload photos from previous vacations and holidays.
This would make your fans feel you are a real person and not just a robot.

Run a poll

Polls are great ways of engaging and bringing a lot of people together
Create a poll and allow your readers share ideas with each other.

Share the poll results

One thing I have seen many business owners do in the past is share results of all conducted polls.
If the results collected would sound useful to your readers,  share them and ask for something in return ( maybe email address).

Pose a problem and ask for solutions

It works. People love to answer questions.
When you ask questions, you get advice and also helps those who also has the same problem.

Provide help

Even though you have not been able to set your self as an authority in business line, always from time to time help out others with the little knowledge you know.
Share a tip from an expert in your niche,  link to tutorials that might be found useful.
You never know how useful your advice would be to others.

Be consistent

This is one good idea that many people overlook.
Be consistent, don’t just post something and disappear into tin air.  This is not good for your business brand and is likely to affect your reach and engagement.
Always be consistent, stick around and try to help out with little things.

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Brand your business with a logo. This would make people familiar with your business brand and easily recognise them whenever they come across it.
Choose a brand logo for your business and stick to it.

Post  Videos

Don’t just drop updates and posts about your business.
Make use of this very good method
Make a video of your business products  when in use or possibly give a simple guide or tutorial to a particular problem.

Tell Stories

Who doesn’t love to hear stories?
I do!  Everyone does,
Always from time to time get to tell stories. It might be about your personal life or your business brand.
Just try as much as possible to make it brief and meaningful.
No one would want to listen to a lengthy story that has less or no meaning.

Post original contents

If you wish to broaden your brand name and make it known to others, you need to be original .
You cannot copy and paste someone else’s post and expect people to come straight to your business brand.
You have to be original.
Always come up with posts on your own and avoid stealing someone else’s work.

Post at the right time

Yeah you heard me right.
Always post on the right time.

Many would ask,

How do I know when it’s right to post?

There are no fixed policies or time as to when to post.

Carry out research

It’s simple
Post in the morning, afternoon and evening .
Then check what time suits you best.
When you think you must have come up with the right time to post, stick to it…

These are some of the best killer facebook post ideas for your business.

Which other trick do you use for your business brand?
Feel free to drop them in the comment box below.

About Author

Okeke Jerry is a Content writer, freelancer, internet marketer and blogger at HowTosGuide

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  • It's nice reading your blog once again, Emmanuel.

    The art of Facebook engagement is a gift. If you ask me, it's either two ways.

    You're either blessed by the gods (naturally) or you learn it like every one else. Smiles…

    No doubt, you can liken it to the 5th largest continent. So much for the fact that Facebook Now Has More Active People Than China's Whole Population.

    Personally, I got scared while reading this, cos it sounds like too much hard work (lol…).

    God knows I don't like crazy hard works. Not that am lazy or something, it's just that I love hard work that are easy (heheh)

    @ Jerry, supposing one does all these, would there be an immediate turn around in engagement? From your experience, can you give an estimated period whereby one could start seeing positive results?

    One last thing….

    If you're going to start creating engagement from Facebook post, I'll advice you have the right audience first, the right audience matters a lot. They are the ones who care about what you do and that's where the engagement lies.

    If you got them, the next thing is to hit hard with all these engagement strategies listed up.

    Thanks man.
    Editor @ Techkibay

  • Hi Samuel Phillips. Thanks for going through my guest post. These tricks has been tested by so many and has been working. Judging from my past experiences, it should take at least 2-3 months for you to start seeing a positive impact

    Thanks once again

    • hmmm…

      Thanks man!

      Cos I was working on something but it's kinda taking too long.. (my kind of long) … smiles.

  • Hello Okeke Jerry,

    What a great guest post. wow very interesting will implement what you wrote thanks for sharing this


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