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Blogging Niche: How To choose a Profitable One For Your Blog

There’s one problem that bloggers often face. I’ve had the same problem in the past. That problem is choosing the wrong niche for your blog.

There are a number of reasons why a particular niche or topic could be the wrong one.

It may be that you’re not passionate enough, you don’t know enough about it or it’s just too difficult to make money in that sector.
Blogging Niche: How To choose a Profitable One For Your Blog

What is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche could simply be said to be what your blog is all about.

Examples of Blog Niches

Internet Marketing
Top Sites

Why Choose a Niche?

Of course, you can always start a blog talking about anything and everything. However, these types of blogs aren’t often as successful.

That’s because people search the Internet for one reason only: to solve a problem. That problem may be to find entertainment, or it may be to answer a question. It could be any number of imaginable problems. But when readers are looking to solve a problem and your blog is nothing but ramblings on random topics, how is your blog going to solve their problem? That’s why niche blogs are popular.

A niche blog narrows your target audience, but it also keeps them coming back.

The right niche can kick-start your blog. However, many blogs fail because they pick a niche which is of absolutely no use and has no potential to make money. Therefore, finding a profitable niche is not that easy as it may sound, and it requires some real thought and planning.

How to Find Your Perfect & Profitable Niche

Choose a Niche you know and love

Experts will constantly tell you to blog about what you’re passionate about. If you’re not passionate about the niche that you’re blogging in then that’s a very bad sign. Passion keeps us motivated, passion stops us from giving up and passion helps us to keep us interested in learning and developing our skillsets within a particular niche.

Don’t go for Wide Niche

Don’t select very wide niche like technology.
There are lots of successful technology blogs like Techcrunch. Do you know that Techcrunch publishes about 10 posts daily.
Can you do it?

I don’t want to mention that you can’t create a successful technology blog. The only thing I want to mention is it is very easy to build a successful blog if you select a small area covered niche.

If you select technology as your blog niche, you have to write about software, websites, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, windows, Linux, technology news, etc.

If you select “Android” instead of technology it is easy to create a successful blog because you have to write only about Android tips, Android news, Android apps, etc. Then you can build up huge readers’ background around your blog. All of them are android lovers. So almost all your readers are target visitors.

It is very easy to make money from that type of blog. Think, if you use Google Adsense for making money from your Android blog. At least 90% of Adsense might be android related Ads because all of your blog is about Android. All of your readers are also Android lovers. So there is a high probability to get more clicks to your Ads. And you can easily target direct advertisements also you can publish sponsored reviews.


Choosing the right niche for your blog is important.

Pick the wrong niche and you could just end up wasting an incredible amount of your time, and also a lot of money.

The truth is that building a successful blog takes time and you need to be in it for the long time.

Blogging is not a “get rich soon” scheme and it takes significant time to see any results (sometimes a year or two).

By thinking about how passionate you are, what your strengths are and which niches are going to be profitable you can cut out a lot of the disappointment and put yourself on the right track from the start.

Do you have more tips? It will be great if you drop it in the comment below.


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