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7 Best URL Shortener 2019 – Check it Out [Must Read]

A few weeks back, I made a post about the Best URL Shortener to Make Money, today, I’ll be showing you the Best URL Shortener that you can use to shorten your links.

You might try to post a URL online, in such places like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Medium etc. And which may be somewhat frustrating due to the longness of the URL. Here comes the importance of a URL shortener.

There are numerous URL shortener tools in the internet-sphere that can help you reduce the length of your URL. Nevertheless, sometimes it may be difficult to find out the best URL shortener tool. Well, right here I will be disclosing some best URL shortener tools that can help you.

What is a URL Shortener?

You might have known what URL shortener is all about. Well, to come again, URL Shortener is a tool that helps you to shorten your URL. There are some URLs shorteners that can give you statistics about the clicks on your URL. However, the statistics are a chance of increasing the number of visitors coming to your site.

What Are The Advantages of a URL Shortener?

URL shorteners are absolutely essential because they reduce the complexity of a link and make it more physically attractive, it enables you to display off your product, short URLs are suitable for some social media platforms that have a limited amount of characters. For instance like Twitter, they have a limited amount of characters. Short URL can play a part in such a place.

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Moreover, Shortened URL can make a user to click on your link comfortably, though sometimes link might be spam. Nevertheless, with the availability of shortener, your visitors will become familiar with your product. Shortened URLs also help in increasing visitors to your website.

List of Best URL Shorteners

Best URL Shortener

  1. – Best URL Shortener

Bitly is a well-known URL shortener tool in the internet-sphere. Utilizing bitly creates an impact on the client’s experience, and it also supports making the experience excellent. This platform does not only shorten your URL but also offer a service that supports optimizing the product of your firm and keep the record of your Link’s statistics.

Bitly always make sure that your shortened link create more impact on visitors, by giving the assurance that the link used worked properly and direct the visitors to the right landing page.


This URL shortener tool is best identified for its connection to Hootsuite. It grants the ability to utilize its connection directly inside the Hootsuite panel or dashboard. This ensures that your information is grouped in one position. helps to measure the performance of your URL and use it to your own benefit. By utilizing the free version of the Hootsuite, you have the ability to obtain for free also. In other to utilize you will need to have a Hootsuite account that would enable you to use However, the advantage of utilizing a Hootsuite account is that it provides more security than if everyone should utilize it. Although free account has limited features, to get access to all the features you are expected to upgrade to the premium version.

  1. is a Buffer product, Buffer is a well-known social media management tool. When you shorten your link, a specific time will be set for the link to be posted. Moreover, this is important only when you have a specific time for your post to display up in your social media accounts. You can use this platform to shorten your link if you want. It is very nice though.

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It also has a free and premium account. If you are utilizing free version account you will have limited features, you can only post your link to places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn alongside Google+. But posting your link to somewhere like Pinterest, you will need to upgrade your account to the premium version.


TinyURL is another excellent shortener tool, it gives you the ability to customize the last character of the shortened URL, so that too helps you to stay constantly with your product. And if you always shorten your URL, then TinyURL can be very suitable for you.

TinyURL offers you a completely free tool that can make your work easier. Also, keep in mind that link made by TinyURL doesn’t expire, so stay calm and don’t panic about having breaking link’s while you utilize it.

  1. is a very popular computer security firm; you may be familiar or even know the firm. Notwithstanding, they also offer a URL shortening tool, which you can use to shorten your URL. It enables you to share link across social media platforms and even blogs or sites that have been shortened too.

The shortener tool gives statistics of where a shortened link is accessing from. It also provides you with an organic link just to make sure that the link is safe for the click.

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  1. is another incredible online URL shortener tool, it is very simple to utilize. By utilizing this tool, you can start by signing up or going directly to its homepage, then copy and paste the URL you want to shorten.

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Moreover, by signing up you will get accessibility of knowing the performance of your links, who are clicking and where are the clicks from. One fascinating fact about is that you can have your own personal domain name that is related to your product. Numerous URL shorteners need you to have their name while shortening your link. This is how they promote their brand too.

Therefore allows you to use a customizable domain so that your product can be followed whenever you post your link across the social media platforms. You will also get complete statistics about the clicks on your link, also keep in mind that link made from don’t have an expiring date, so no panicking while using this tool.


Moourl is shortener tool created, in other to have simple and useful URL shortener for anyone that wants it. You can get your URL shortened very fast no matter how complex the URL is. Just for the advantage of your visitors. Although there are no many things to execute in this platform, well, that is not frustrating.

This tool is very excellent for anyone who is just seeking to have only a few URLs to be shortened. And there are no statistics about the clicks on your link. However, it is still helpful.

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I believe with the above list, you’ve been able to know the Best URL Shortener to use for your links, if you have a question or suggestions, please drop in the comment box below.

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