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Effortless Ways To Get Backlinks On Your Entertainment Blog

If you are reading this post, then you’re actually looking for how to get backlinks to your Entertainment Blog.

If that is true, then you have no problem, just relax.

Why do we say so?
Today’s guest author, Prosper Noah is here to guide you on how to get those backlinks.

How Entertainment Bloggers Can Get Backlinks To Their Blogs

                   by Prosper Noah
When we talk about Backlinks, it the soul of any blog to rank higher on SERPs (Search engine results page). I’ve come to discover lately that when backlinks are talked about. Entertainment blogs seem to get discouraged as most of the backlinks strategy doesn’t work with their Niche.
No Worries Buddy;
Right on this post, you are going to learn the various ways you can get backlinks to your entertainment blog. It would take just a moment
But before then;

What are Backlinks?

If you decide to check this on google you would likely get below answer “
“An incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.
“the more backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the more popular it will be”
Now that is very true, the next question is Can a Blog Rank without Backlinks?

Yes, with the help of Lengthy Quality Contents and Click through rate.
But for  a Competitive Niche, like that of Entertainment,  its likely to become hard at one extent.
It’s always said Content is King Unfortunately this may not work for entertainment blogs as google tend to rank longer quality contents on its result page (SERP). Entertainment blogs do not write long contents more often.
To answer the question, its likely going to be hard to rank without backlinks for an entertainment blog but you are not alone.
There’s good news;
Even without long contents which tend to get backlinks, Entertainment Blogs can get backlinks using the tips that would be mentioned shortly on this Post.
But before then, there’s something you need to take note of!
This is what I tell anyone who’s going to read any tip to improve his or her blog
Take Action
When you read tutorials that tend to help you in blogging, take action.
Do not read and ignore.
Take Extra Step to Action
When you take action and see it works good for you, do not stop; keep repeating it and you’d see more results as time goes on.
Without wasting much of your time, I’d just go straight to the various ways you can get backlinks to your Entertainment Blog.
How to get Backlinks to an Entertainment Blog.

Blog Commenting

You probably have heard of this many a time but how well have you been using it? This is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to an entertainment blog. Have you been doing it well?
In my last guest Post on a blog, I shared with the readers how they can comment the right way on a blog and build a relationship with the blog authors.

How do you leave comments that don’t seem like Spamming?

  • The best way to leave compelling comments is to read a Post and leave your Opinion.
  • Do not leave your blog links in a blog’s comment section (It makes you a Spammer Automatically). WordPress Blogs gives you the option to add your Blog URL in the comment box. That is enough to you backlinks
  • Leave detailed comments that have something to do with the Post you are leaving the comment on
  • Leave Comments More in Related Niche (This works best and tells Google the blog is related to your own blog and knows more of what your blog  is about)
There are no amount of blog comments you can leave a day, but the more comments you leave, the more backlinks you get. So take blog commenting seriously it also drives traffic to your blog.
When leaving comments on blogs on the Blogspot platform, you should always use the comment as URL Option instead of the Gmail option.
That way you can use your Name and URL and get a backlink to your Entertainment Blog.


 Forum Interaction.

Forum is your go-to resource for creating threads, meeting with new people and discussing relevant topics. There are many Forums online you can join to start interacting with other bloggers who share the same Ideas with you.
How forums can give you Backlinks
Forums allow you to create topics to share with other members.
Most forums let you have a signature in your profile. Take advantage of this option: Instead of using a normal text as a signature, let your blog link be there.
When you create your threads people view the thread and as well visit your blog link (in the signature) this gives you backlink and traffic at the same time.
Some Popular Forums you can join are
Make sure you create threads and be active only in relevant Categories such as the News, Politics etc..You can create threads and leave reference to your blog.

Bloggers Interview

This is one other way you can get backlinks to your entertainment blog. There 2 ways you can do this

Featuring Bloggers in your Niche

When you interview other bloggers in your niche they would definitely want to do the same. This could be when he/she started blogging or his blogging Journey so far with a link to his blog.
Doing this you get Backlink to your blog, get popular and as well drive traffic.

Growing your Blog Authority

When you grow your Blog Authority; Post Regularly and Build Relationship with other bloggers, you could get featured in Roundup Posts. This means lots of backlinks to your Entertainment Blog.

Social Bookmarking Submissions

Do you know about Digg, Delicious, etc? They can give you good backlinks.  You can submit your Posts and land some backlinks to various social bookmarking sites. Below are some of them to get you started right away. Signup and start submitting your links.
Social Bookmarking is a good way to get backlinks to your Entertainment Blog for free. The only thing is you would have to signup for many of them but in the end, it does a lot for your blog.  So these are just ways you can get backlinks to your entertainment blog.
Using these tips, you could build your entertainment blog good backlinks to spike up your rankings on search engine results page.

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Now your turn;

Now that you’ve just gotten to know how you can get backlinks to your entertainment blog are you going to start applying these tips? Do you have any other ways you already get backlinks? Are there questi0ns you need to ask? Let us know in your Comments.

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Author Bio:

Prosper Noah owns and manages Tips On Blogging, where he shares all of the tips he uses to succeed in his blogging journey.

Readers, please share this so that other Entertainment Bloggers can learn how to build their backlinks.


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  • Seriously, first I will like to thank you guys for the effort you put in this rich content and for making it come in a handy form.

    Also I want you to know that you guys are changing the concept of Blogging in Nigeria… God Bless!

    • Hi youngtoff,

      You are welcome and bless you too, glad to know you found the article helpful!

      Really that's what blogging should be all about "helping people learn new things"

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Do share with friends and have a nice day!

  • Hi Noah, nice tips you have there about link-building.

    I have also found wikipedia editing and writing wikis to be an effective way of getting high authority backlinks. When you register as a wikipedia editor, do it naturally; don't just promote your stuff otherwise you will be binned.

    Blog submission is a very effective way as you have already pointed out. In fact, I created a list of over 20 high authority blog aggregators where you can submit your blog. Here is the post>

  • Thanks for sharing these tips Noah. First, I'm glad when I read blogs that share meaningful information; this is something that is rare these days as there are lots of copy and paste bloggers everywhere.

    Secondly, it is also worthy of note that not all backlinks are ranked equally.
    So as much as anyone would want to build backlinks, they should aim more for authority sites to do this.

    For instance, the Search Engines will give higher preference to any back link from the top 100 ranking sites than that coming from the top 200 and above. All the same, any effort made in back linking will pay off over time.

  • Good and informative content. I want to say that Forums are very helpful to getting backlinks and traffic as well. I love bitechanger dot pro forum and site owners too they are good in giving backlinks and traffic. Thanks to Prosper and Emmanuel For organizing this post

  • Hi Prosper,

    You provided detailed information about BACKLINK that’s why I love this articles. I want to see more posts in this series to gain more knowledge. Keep it


  • Nice concept and can attest to the fact of blog commenting. Did over 200k in 90days on my blog with that method alone…though note that, it will not be easy.

  • Wow, thanks for this post, I came across the link on facebook, and it has been really helpful on how I can improve my backlink building strategy…

  • Really nice article u got here buddy
    Indeed backlink has been doing well in terms of SEO and ranking. I believe with the above tips one can easily overcome this challenge.

    I really love that aspect of blog commenting, that has been my best way.

    Thank you prosper.

  • Wow. What i nice write up.. Have been looking for a better solution long ago.. And here it is. Thanks very much.

  • Mehnnn that was some relieve bro. I have been wondering if there was any hope for entertainment bloggers like us. Thanks bro

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