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How To Bring In Traffic To A Business Website/Blog

You just looked at the analytics and realized that no one seems to read your website except you, and that is discouraging.

You want people to notice your business website, especially if you are starting a business and need new clients fast.

Bring In Traffic To A Business Website/blog

So below i will be listing some things you should do to drive in that traffic.

Social Media

When telling someone how to get traffic, i always start with social media because it is a great tool to get your website/blog noticed quickly.

Link your website/blog to your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts so your friends and followers will know when you post a new article.

Social media is the great source to drive traffic on your blog like i said ealier.

Most platforms like WordPress, blogger etc.. have an option to link social media automatically to your blog, or you can also cut and paste the link yourself.

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Make It Useful

Sorry, but no one wants to read about your mission statement.

Leave the boring information for your website.
People go to blogs to read something interesting and engaging.

If you have a business developing computer apps, then perhaps your blog could be about the hottest trends in computer apps or top free computer apps.

Make it something that your clients would actually want to read and that they can use.

Make It Original

Word of mouth is still a great way to promote your business.

Make your blog something that people will want to talk about and share with their friends.

If it’s the same old boring stuff that is already floating around on cyberspace, then no one will want to read it.

Add a funny picture or video or link to an unusual news story related to your industry.

If it is engaging and original, everyone will talk about it.

Make It Profitable To Clients

You see businesses promote special offers on social media to increase traffic.

Use the same idea for your blog. Promote special offers exclusively on your blog.
Advertise the offers through social media or other marketing tools and tell everyone to read your blog for exclusive offers or insider secrets.

Connect To Other Bloggers

Take a look at what other bloggers in your industry are up to and let them know you read their blog.

Send them a link to your blog and invite them to read it.
Chances are, they will add you to their list of favorite blogs and bring their readers to your site.

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Hyperlinks give your blog more visibility online. Find the key words in your blog like proper names, locations, or business terms and hyperlink them.

This will help others in your industry or potential clients stumble upon your blog faster.

A simple Facebook ad or Google ad can bring traffic quickly.

Most bloggers report an immediate increase in readers after running a facebook ad for their blog.

Invite Guest Bloggers

Find someone in your industry that has a popular blog with a steady flow of loyal readers.

Invite him or her to write a guest article or ask if you can publish one of his or her blog posts on your site.

Hyperlink the blog and the loyal readers will have to go to your blog to check out their favorite blogger.

Chances are they will bookmark your blog or pass it on to friends.


These all are the best ways to drive massive traffic for your business website/blog.
Did you find it useful? Let us know by droping your wonderful comments.

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