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How To Advertise Your Website In 10 Good Ways

When you make a website, the main focus of a website is its traffic. All webmasters want traffic to their websites.

This guide should aid you in advertising your website and driving that all important traffic to your website.

Steps 1: Get Google Analytics and study the statistics carefully. Look at the graph and see if it points up or down, but you will need to look into the statistics in more detail if you want to increase your traffic even more. Look into what websites bring members and what pages are the most popular on your website, and create more pages like that.

Step 2: Submit your website to popular websites such as Reddit, which has over 2 billion views per month. Another alternative is using a free traffic exchange website like Petlip. People on Reddit will be interested in your topic and as long as you keep to the rules, you should gain a lot of traffic.

Step 3: Make your website look professional. Don’t mess up coding or make the website look like it was done by an amateur. People will just go on to professional websites if they don’t like yours, so make people think that yours is as professional as it can be and people will stay and read the content.

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Step 4: Target your website at an age group. If you are starting a game website, what will the main age range be? What language will you use? Don’t use complicated language for a gaming website, make it more relaxed. A politics website may use more complex language, make it readable for the target audience.

Step 5: Buy advertisement space on other websites. There are lots of websites that will let you buy advertising with them, you just have to ask them. Make sure you have enough money and then pay them upfront and they will put your advertisement on their website for as long as you have asked for.

Step 6: Stay dedicated. Don’t give up if you don’t get the traffic that you want straight away. It takes a while before you see a good amount of traffic coming onto your website. Google has to index it and you have to get it to a good page rank before the good traffic will come.

Step 7: Keep adding content. No one wants to read a small website; keep writing more things and there will be more for your readers to read.

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Step 8: Ask people to comment on your posts. Put a comment box underneath your posts and ask questions in your posts, eg, “We think this is a good idea and we would like to hear from you.” People will then reply to this in the comments section. Keep up the conversation with them and they will keep coming back.

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Step 9: Add a “subscribe” button. People will see new content as it is published when they subscribe to your website. Make it visible but not too big and in the way.

Step 10: Make social account profiles for your website. Facebook and Twitter is an excellent way of getting people to your website. Stay active on these websites, and people will see you on them and notice your website.

With this little tips, i hope you will be able to advertise your website.


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