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7 SEO Tips To Increase Your Ranking

Truly, there is no Blogger that will not love his/her blog’s ranking to increase. And because of this, many times they fall to doing wrong SEO practices. So in today’s post, I’ll be talking about 7 SEO practices that will increase your blog ranking. So let us begin.


Bloggers today seem to forget this fact and concentrate too much on creating backlinks themselves. If you are popular and people like you, then they will start linking to you and talking about your website and mentioning you on social media networks. It is also okay to run backlink campaigns, but if you concentrate more on pleasing your reader, then you are going to have more luck in the long run.


If for whatever reasons you are going to switch the location of posts then you need to be very careful about creating backlinks to them. Creating broken backlinks is bad SEO business, and having your broken backlinks on the Google index with nothing to do will harm your SEO.


If you are the type that switch themes/templates too often, then it will affect older backlinks and Google will start to drop your SEO value in its index. Stick to the same theme/template within your blog and your Off page SEO will work a lot better

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Remember that to be popular is a good thing because SEO elements will start to come to you naturally. With that said you should remember that social media is more for building a reputation and getting popular than it is for trying to get backlinks.


There are directories online that shows lists of blogs and give links to them. So long as these are no part of a black hat SEO scheme then they are very good for your SEO. You can wait until you are popular enough for people to put your blog on there, but it is far easier if you find a few blog directories and ask the owner to include you too.


This is also known as reciprocal linking and it works because both you and the person you are swapping with have an incentive to keep the links going. You both have good reason to swap and keep up the link, so you get a backlink for as long as you keep the other person’s link. It is a good deal and is good for your SEO.


Signing up with Google+ is something you should do as a blogger, because it has alot of ways to help your blog. You should sign up with Facebook as Google take what is said and done on Facebook with seriousness. Sign up and post excerpts of your blog to them every week. It allows people to get a taste of your blog, and may in time become fans of it and start backlinking to it and mentioning it on social media.

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I appreciate you reading the 7 SEO Tips To Increase Your Ranking outlined above, if these tips are followed, you will indeed notice an increase in your blog’s ranking. Do you have any question about the above tips, or do you have more to suggest? Let us know in the comment below.
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  • Emmanuel, I want to tell that you can increase your ranking by writing longer posts. Google loves long-form content!

    In fact, posts that have 2000+ word get ranked higher than posts (such as this one) that have only a few hundred.

    Just some food for thought for you…

    • Hello Lorraine,
      I agree with you that long articles is loved by google, but i also want to let you know that it is not all blog posts that should be long depending on what you're writing about.

      Long blog posts are very much appreciated if it is a post on 'How Tos', which need a step by step guide. So i'll say writing a long blog post depends on what your are writing about.

  • All aspiring bloggers should take these tips seriously! The importance of SEO can't be underestimated. You mention all the right points.

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  • Hello Emmanuel,
    Among all you have listed I prefer commenting on other blogs or writing guest post to them. I other to gain BACKLINK.
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      And hey, I’ve seen your blog, and its nice.

  • Wonderful article.
    I was really looking for a detailed step by step guide to do this because I was really confused about doing this.
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