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Steps On How To Create A Blog With Blogspot is a free blogging platform owned by Google and all blog files are hosted by Google. so if you want to create a blog then I would recommend you to create a blog on blogspot.

In Blogspot platform you don’t need to spend money in buying a domain name, you can use sub domain ““. once you have gotten massive traffics to your blog you can then setup custom domain name, if you so wish.

Steps On How To Create A Blog

Step1:- Create A Gmail Account And Access

First you should create a Gmail Account to access blogspot. if you have a gmail account already then just go to and enter your Gmail ID and Password.

Then after logging in you will see on the blogspot dashboard New Blog option in top left corner just click on that and it will open up a page to fill in the blog title and choose url.

Before creating a blog keep one thing in mind that type of blog you are creating. like Food blog, Technology blog, Fashion blog etc.

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Once you decided the Niche of your blogging, fill up information like blog title, blog address and choose blogger template which you want to have and click on “Create Blog” button. Now you have created your blog, move on to the next step.

Step2:- Customizing Blog For Readers

Customization of blog is very important to attract your visitors and that’s why you need to upload custom template for your blog.

There are several sites that provides free blogger templates so just download a template and go to Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Backup/Restore option (which is available on top right corner) and upload blogger template.

Now go to Blogger Dashboard >> Layout here you can add your blog logo, favicon, third party widgets like Facebook like box, email subscription box etc.

This process is not complicated, after completing this process your blog is now ready for your blog readers.

Now you have to publish a post, and to do that, login to your dashboard click on the drop down menu then click on “Posts” and start posting articles and share your blog articles all over social networking sites.

Hope this little but great article has helped in making you create your new blog in the blogspot platform, if you have any problem on it, let me know by droping it in the comment box below, and i will reply you.

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