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Many wapka wapmasters have been facing issues summiting their wapka site to google due to the latest google structure (panda/penguin), which have hammered many wapka sites.

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Note: Google crawls every site, but crawls the index (the homepage) faster. With this secret your forums and downloads will be indexed on Google faster and better.

*. Submitting Your Website

a. Register a Gmail account incase you don’t have.

b. Visit

c. Add your website.

d. Verify your site. Using Meta Code (to get the meta code, select alternate method) Paste the code given to you on your head tag via Edit Site > Global Settings > Head Tags. You can also paste your Title and site Description there. (meta tags). Then, your site can now be crawled.

Note: It takes at least 24hrs for your site to appear on Google.

*.Submitting your sitemap:
By submitting your sitemap, Google now takes all shortcuts to your sites without crawling all your pages before it filters infos. With the sitemap, you can set restriction on pages, forums e.t.c. Procedure

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a. Add your sitemap via Edit Site > Global Settings > Head Tags > Sitemap.xml (add your site and forum ids separated by commas e.g 21, 62, 53, 44, 52, f62434, f21434, f5656)

b. Then go to

c. Submit the sitemap with this URL (e.g

d. Then you are good to go.

Submit Site to Yahoo/ Bing:
Remember yahoo and bing network is the combined search engine.

a. Go to the following link

b. Type in your URL, example:

c. Write the captcha text that’s shown in the box.

d. Click on SUBMIT.
Once you complete the above steps, just wait for indexing your site. Important

Tips: Don’t use Automated submission program to submit your website to multiple search engine at once. It is considered as a SPAM

I’ve gone through most Wapka sites and I noticed most of them cannot be indexed on the Yahoo Search Engine. WHY? The reason is from the default Robot.txt file. Before every crawler/spider crawls a site it must first of all go to the Robot.txt and check the area it must and must not crawl.

Now, the default wapka Robot.txt goes like this:

User-agent: Slurp
Disallow: /
User-agent: *
Disallow: Crawl-delay: 60

Let me analyze them: User agent means the name of the crawler, slurp is yahoo, googlebot is google and so on. User agent: * means all the spiders but user agent: slurp or user agent: googlebot specifies the particular spider you are referring to and Disallow: / means that the crawler should not touch or crawl any of your site page. Disallow: means the spider is free to access all your page. User Agent: Slurp Disallow: / means that Yahoo Bot should not touch your site and that’s why Wapka sites do not appear in Yahoo Search.

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Now, If you want your site to be crawled and be visible on all Search Engine put this in your Robot.txt file via Edit Site > Global Settings > Head Tags > Robot.txt
User Agent: * Disallow:

Important Info: to avoid Google suspending a site or not crawling your wapka site/blog,
Below are the two main reason which may cause google to suspend your site from indexing.
*. Wrong Robot.txt file

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*. Not trustworthy, trustworthy in the sense that you don’t provide quality information to users.


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