How to Find Quality Expired Domains with GetDomainData

Do you wish to find quality expired domains to use? If yes is your answer, then worry no more, as I’ll put you through on this post on how to find that powerful, quality expired domain without breaking your sweat and having to go through a lot to find just one domain.


Do you know that using an expired domain for your niche website helps your site grow faster than using a new, fresh domain?

So it actually helps you reduce the stress of growing a new and fresh domain.

But the big question now is; what are expired domains?

Don’t panic as I’ll explain that to you below.

I’ll not only explain what expired domains are, but I’ll also show you where to find good ones too.

What are Expired Domains?

According to IONOS, Expired domains are domains that have been registered by individuals, businesses, or organizations, but aren’t renewed after the contract ends, or are deliberately terminated. That means that they are available for re-registration”.

SEOs and Brands often use expired domains to grow their businesses faster than using a new, fresh domain.

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You might be thinking, how is that possible, or how can one use an expired domain? That will lead us to the next part which will be how Can You Use Expired Domain.

How Can I Use Expired Domain?

I’m going to list out how you can use an expired domain below.

  • To build an authority site or niche/micro-niche site.
  • You can swap an expired domain with your existing domain to boost the SEO performance of your site (I’ll show you a case study of how this worked under 24 hours below as you read on).
  • Use for PBN: Private Blog Networks.
  • Redirect to the existing domain to pass on link juice.
  • Make money buying and selling expired domains for as $200 to over $2000 in profits.

With all that said, where can you now find good expired domains?

Where can I find Expired Domains?

Now, that’s a very serious question. why do I say so?

Finding an expired domain isn’t easy, many platforms are out there showing you expired domains but they are just so expensive.

You should also note this; be careful of where you buy or pick up expired domains because if that’s done the wrong way, you’ll end up killing your website.

So where can you find a good and affordable expired domain?

I have seen a lot, but either there are too expensive or the expired domains are not of quality – you wouldn’t like to pay for an expired domain to find out later that it’s a crab.

So I did the dirty work for you and I’m going to introduce to you Where you can find quality expired domains.

How to Find Quality Expired Domains with GetDomainData

What is GetDomainData?

GetDomainData is a platform that provides you with quality, affordable expired domains for branding, niche, organization, or PBN purposes.

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It is a platform that was born out of experience and passion for research into what can help new websites grab SEO ranking equivalent to the quality of their content and without been held down with the SERP probation period which could run between 3months to 12months for a fresh domain.

Now, GetDomainData isn’t just about listing just randomly picked expired domain names, but domains listed on the platform are well researched and carefully selected, making it unique!

Why should you trust domains that are gotten from GetDomainData?

Like I mentioned earlier, here is a LIVE SEO CASE STUDY where a domain from GetDomainData was used to rank 25 competitive keywords on Google Page 1 in less than 24hours of swapping it with a new domain that was struggling to rank for the same keywords in 11months.

With that said, you should now be convinced that GetDomainData is the best place for you to get expired domains.

How to Find High-Quality Expired Domain on GetDomainData

Getting an expired domain GetDomainData is pretty easy. You don’t need to sign up or download anything or pay any registration fee to see these domains.

These domains are published daily on the platform’s blog section free of charge. So you get to see the domain, check out the necessary stats about it, and make a choice of purchasing it or not.

You can also check out the Expired Domains List section of the website to find quality and affordable expired domains.

Important Checklist Before Purchasing an Expired Domain

Hey, I know you will be super excited to know about how to find and purchase an expired domain name, but before you finally do so, pay attention to these important things to look out for.

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1- Domain Authority (DA) and: Page Authority (PA)

The domain name you wish to purchase should have a DA of 15+ with a PA of 15+ as well. You can learn more about it and also check it on this page.

2- Spam Score (SS: 0% – 100%)

Before purchasing, the spam score of the expired domain should be from 0-45%, anything above that is not advisable.

3- Domain Age

It is important to note that the expired domain age should be above 2years. Do not purchase an expired domain name with less than 2 years of domain age.

4- Backlinks (Unique Domain)

Since GetDomainData focuses mainly on unique domain backlinks, not the total backlinks, it is best to check out for a domain with unique domain backlinks of 50+.

5- Trademark

Find out if the domain has any existing trademark in the USA and some other countries, and avoid such domains.

GetDomainData also helps you to check out other important things as below;

  • Google Ban
  • Google Adsense Ban

Those are the things you should check out before purchasing an expired domain name, but the good news is that GetDomainData handles all of these before the domains are listed.

Isn’t that great?

So having known all of these, how can you purchase on GetDomainData?

How to Buy Expired Domain from GetDomainData

Like I said above, it is easy to find and buy expired domains for SEO on GetDomainData. Just make sure you have your money ready **winks**

After you have found that expired domain you wish to use, you can make payments in the following ways;

  • Crypto payments
  • Credit or Debit Cards

NOTE; If you wish to make payment via Crypto Currencies, you’ll have to contact them on the email address which will be shown to you on the page.


Now you know the best platform to use in getting quality and affordable expired domain names, you have also seen the things to look out for when purchasing an expired domain.

You don’t have to be scared of getting an expired domain which you will regret in the future.

What do you think about this platform getting quality expired domains? Do you have any other you use that is also great? Do well to drop a comment below.


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