Types of Backlinks 2019: These Ones Boosts Your Rankings

If you are familiar with SEO, you might have come across a term called Backlinks.

But for those of you who are new to SEO, you may be scratching your head or wondering what Backlinks are and its importance, and probably even the types of Backlinks.

Don’t worry, In this article, we will explain what is a backlink, the different types of backlinks, why they are so important in order to rank in Google, and How you can actually get more Backlinks without getting in trouble with the Search Engines.


What is a Backlink?

In simple terms, Backlink is a link one website gets from another website and are incoming links to a webpage.

When a Website links to another page, it’s called a backlink.


Why are backlinks important?


Backlinks play a huge role on a website’s prominence in search engine results and are very useful for improving a website’s ranking.

Search engines calculate a website ranking by using multiple factors to display in search results.

Among the many of the other factors, such as PageSpeed, Content, DA, PA, etc Backlinks is also one of the most important factors in determining the ranking of a page.

They can actually help your website to be more popular on search engines.

It basically works like this, When website A refer to Website B, Website B then become more of an “authority” on the topic Website B cover.

Backlinks serve as a recommendation of sorts, and acts as a vote in an election and Google takes note of that.

Psst….sometimes some Backlinks are very stubborn to get indexed. In that can case, I suggest you ping the URL and create a buzz in social media. But if it doesn’t work, You can use Backlinks Indexer

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types of backlinks

Types Of Links based On Quality-

  1. Low-Quality Links- Low-quality backlinks can seriously damage your site reputation with Google and may compromise your visibility in searches results

Example of this type of Links are- Spammy Links from Spammy Forums, Blog comments etc

  1. High-Quality Links- High quality reward your site with greater domain authority and higher search visibility.


Types Of Links Based On Linking-

  1. Internal Link – Links within your own site.
  2. External Link or Inbound Link – Links coming from other websites that are pointing to your site.


Types Of Backlinks Based On Flow Of Link Juice

  1. DoFollow- Do Follow links are types of links that pass link juice and count as points, pushing SEO link juice and boosting the page rank of the linked-to sites, and it helps them to rank higher in SERPs
  2. NoFollow- A no follow link is basically a link that does not flow the Link juice or boost PageRank, and it doesn’t help in a page’s placement in the SERPs.


Types Of Backlinks Based On  Acquisition-

  1. Directory links

Directory links are links coming from a directory listing

These types of Links come from websites that act as a directory or allow people to list their products or services.

There are two types of Directory Links

  1. a) Free Directory Links
  2. b) Paid Directory Links

To get this types of Links, Find a secure and a high-quality directory site which is in your space or niche.

Don’t go for the general listing Directory and instead focus on those which are more specific to your service and niche.

For example, let’s say that your company is providing a Laptop repair service in London and you wanted to submit your business in some directories. Instead of going for large, national directories such as, it’d be better for the business to find London Laptop repair-specific directories.

What they should do is find a Laptop or Electronics repair-specific directories to secure a listing.

Why? What’s the difference? Both of them are Directories.

This is because search engines provide more weight and importance to similar sites that are linked together,

This will allow the laptop repair company to gain authority from the niche directory site.

  1. Blog comment links

They are the simplest way to get a backlink to your website. You just visit a website and leave a comment. That’s basically it

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But Blog comments are normally no-follow links so they would not pass any link juice

However, I don’t recommend using blog comments as your main part of the link building Process because if you have a large portion of backlinks coming only from blog comments, it can raise an issue of red flags with Google, and trust me you don’t wanna play a game with Google.

Posts comments on blogs that are only relevant to your blog or niche.

Make sure your comments are meaningful and are relevant to the article of that page you just read.

For Example, if the article is about SEO and you leave a comment saying like ” Hi, I have a Blog on travel, here is my link”

It will make it obvious to the webmaster that you’re just there for a link, and it will ruin your chances of using the comment on that particular blog to direct a traffic back to your website. Chances are you will not get any traffic since your comments are irrelevant and considered spammy Or in the worst case the owner may even delete the comment

So make sure to maintain Quality and be relevant

  1. Guest posts

Guest blogging is a method where a blogger or a freelancer offer to write content for other, similar blogs in their niche or space

Its main purpose is to build relationships, exposure, authority, and links.

And when you send your article to them, Make your article interesting, long-form and relevant and provide value to the existing readers of the blog

Here are some Benefits of Guest Posting

  1. a) Get Quality Traffic
  2. b) Build your Online Influence
  3. c) Develops your Authority
  4. d) Increase your Brand Awareness

How to Pitch for a Guest Post?

Hello (Their Name),

I’m a regular reader of [name of the site]. I truly liked the blog post that you particularly wrote about [a post on their site].

I work as a (your position).

I’ve also written for some blogs including [list of the blogs you’ve written for].

I understand the need for unique and well-researched content.

You can check out some of the contributions I have made recently at:

(Example A)

(Example B)

I’d love to share my article with the readers of your blog in a guest post titled “(the title of the guest post)”.

In this article, I’ll discuss key the points including (main points).

The word count of the post will be no less than (number of words).

Looking forward to hearing from you.




(Social Media


  1. User profile pages

When you Guest post all of your guest posted articles will not be allowed to have too many links back to your site

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Instead, how they reward you is they will allow you to have a single link in your author section or the user profile page.

However, these types of links may not be as effective and valuable compared to the one in the main content in terms of SEO

But this is beneficial in building your brand awareness and allowing the readers of the article to get to know you and your website further


  1. Forums Links

Forum links are a  great way in order to diversify your backlink profile

There are literally thousands of forums ranging from Marketing to Dog Grooming.


But I don’t recommend overdoing unless it is 100% relevant and beneficial to the forum.

Don’t make Forum link building your top priority.


However many of the links are no-follow while Quite a few are “do-follow”

The simple and best way to get a high-quality forum link is to post in forums that are relevant to your niche and your industry


  1. Infographics and images

If you think content marketing is only about writing in words, then you are mistaken

They can come in many shapes and forms and one of them is infographics

Infographics may be about content from lists to definitions to research and statistics.

Make sure your Infographics are in High Quality if it is not a good infographic, no ones gonna put it on their site.


If a person is given an infographic and a text article, Chances are that person is likely to pick the infographic to read

People just don’t wanna read a 1000-3000 word article, they would rather see an image with visual containing more words than the text.


Create an Embed code for the infographic and in that way, whenever someone put the embed code into their website to showcase your infographic, it automatically links back to your site.




You see, there are several ways to build natural-looking links that don’t violate Google Terms and Service

Don’t make your link profile from only one source.

Make sure to diversify your types of Backlinks.

What makes up the majority of your Backlinks Profile?

Either way, let me know in the comments RIGHT NOW.


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