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How To Get More Views To Your YouTube Videos

In today’s article, i’ll be writing on how you can get more youtube views. There are less direct ways to increase YouTube video views as its Algorithm is quite tricky and unwanted or low-quality views from other video promoting websites will not be counted. In this topic we will learn only about the methods that work by providing real quality views.
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YouTube provides codes which can be found in the watch page, these codes can be used to embed the video in a website, social networking sites, etc. If you have your own website/blog, you can use this embed codes to increase the video views through the visitors. Even by allowing the video viewers to embed the video may prove to be useful by increase in the views. However by default YouTube allows the viewers to do so, so we needn’t have to worry about it. Also ask webmasters of other sites who had embedded one of your video earlier to do so through an indirect message.

Subject, Keyword And Description

It is very important that we must select a popular subject, keyword with enough searches and description that helps us to target the keyword. The keyword must have less competition both on YouTube and search engines since they video may be embedded on it in future. The keywords can also be attractive containing the terms of a popular keyword as more visitors may click even if the video is not top on the search result. The description should also be attractive and must contain keyword or at least its terms in order to be ranked well in search results.


Promotion can be done either through different social networking sites or through paid ads. We can share the video with our friends so that they will view it. This may provide only few views so we can encourage embedding it. However if many of the viewers share it then surely there will be some effect in the video views. Promoting videos through YouTube will bring increase in the views but some cannot afford it, so it can be considered as optional.


By linking annotation to the videos related to that particular topic will help us increase the video views of other video through a single video. Annotation will be useful for viewers since it allows them to learn more about the topic and also they can close them if they are not interested in it. So annotations don’t trouble or interrupt the viewers while watching the video. There are different kinds of annotation which can be tried with different background colors.

Better Content

In videos content is always the king. Even if the above steps are not followed properly and the content of the video is good even then the video will be popular. This is a most important step but it is mentioned at the end because it’s known to all of us. The viewers must be able to understand the content and be clear about it. The video content will also bring shares and video will embedded by both external websites and search engine which will surely result in lots of views. If we find that anything is missing in the content then we can add annotation to help the viewers understand without actually changing the video.

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NOTE: 1.There should be some limit for annotation, too many annotation at a time may confuse and trouble users. So we must show maximum three annotations at a time.

2.Don’t beg the webmasters of other sites to embed your video. Just inform them about it and ask them to embed if they are interested.

3.Stop buying YouTube video views. As mentioned earlier, YouTube algorithm is tricky and only few views may be counted.


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