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Do Not Buy All Quality Backlinks – See Reasons

Do Not Buy All Quality Backlinks – See Reasons. If you have been blogging for a while, then am sure you must be aware of quality backlinks, their necessity and effects on search engine rankings.

Since it is difficult to get high quality backlinks for a blog, I have seen many people buying high quality backlinks for their blogs.

During the pre-penguin period, buying quality backlinks for blogs were very effective. Many high quality bloggers made alot of money by selling their backlinks to other bloggers.

Even after Google’s wild updates, many are still buying backlinks for on the hope of improving search engine rankings.

Sad to say, they will ranked initially, but sooner or later they will be penalized by the mighty GOOGLE.

In this article I’m going to tell you why you should not buy all high quality backlinks.

Don’t Make A Mistake

If someone is offering quality backlinks at a cheaper rate, never ever go for them, because they may be fake and only trying to grab your money.

And even if it works for you the first time, your experience after-math may be painful like i said earlier, imagine losing your traffics, your earning all because of buying backlinks. It will be one of the wildest attack by Google against you and your blog, and recovering from that stage will be quite impossible.

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So rather than searching for backlinks to buy, why not come up with new strategies on how to get good and quality backlinks, although it is hard to build such nowadays because of high spam rate.

NOTE: Am not saying you should not buy backlinks for your blog, you can do so from trusted guys only. Always try to find some well experienced and trusted ones in link building.

There are only a few of them, but if you are able to find them then you are good to go. Also think twice before buying backlinks, sometimes it may lead to premature death of your blog.

But remember, no one will work on your blog better than you would love to, so always try to build backlinks yourself like i said earlier.

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