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Bluehost Affiliate Program: All You Need To Know To Earn Big

The name Bluehost is a very popular name in the bloggers’ circle, while to others, it’s two simple words coming together with no distinct meaning. With this in mind, this article titled ” How to Earn from Bluehost Affiliate Program would be divided into multiple subparagraphs for you to understand and enjoy your reading. Now let start on a simple scale.


What is Bluehost?

Since we are discussing how to earn from the Bluehost affiliate program, knowing about Bluehost is important.


Bluehost is an online company that host web pages and it is owned by the Endurance International Group. With over 2 million websites hosted under their name and over 700 employees, they have proven to be powerful. And a unique hosting service ranging from Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting and many more.

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Now the meaning and concept of Bluehost are fully clarified, so let us proceed.


What is the Bluehost Affiliate Program All About


On a revolutionary platform with extreme speed, advanced CPanel dashboard for full authority, Bluehost affiliate program emerges. The above question is obviously timely and well-tailored since this is an often search question on Google Search Engine.


Bluehost Affiliate Programs and  Web hosting service offer 65$ commission per sale via the affiliate link. Joining this affiliates program is simple as long as your interested in promoting Bluehost services. For each successful sales made with your link, you earn an instant $65.

bluehost affiliate program

This simply means that to earn so quick, you should do some things that will boost your affiliate links around the web. That would be discussed later.


Requirements before Joining Bluehost Affiliate Program


After coming to learn so many persons have actually searched for the requirements be joining this affiliate program, I have decided to mention it out clear as well.

This affiliate program requires all its users to have a working PayPal account, accessible bank account and personal information ready.


Please do not get confused, personal information ready consists of the private details on your form. An example of this question may be “House Address”, “Office  Address”, “Phone Number” and lots more. This certainly is an easy one, so you have no fear.


Guide on Joining Bluehost Affiliate


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Bluehost site is created with a self-integrated function where you can apply to be an affiliate user.


For those who have not joined, let me expose a secret. The affiliate system has amazing features hidden in the dashboard. This affiliate program has an interface for you safely track your links clicks, this is also called “Click Through Ratios”. The dashboard does not only show you your earnings and clicks through, but it also involves a whole lot of amazing panels.


With the above in mind, I will quickly and clearly show you how to register for the affiliates program in three simple steps.


Step 1: Visit Bluehost Affiliate Program site and select the sign up as a new user.


Step 2: You would be presented with a form page, it expected you fill it out clearly and accurately since they are your personal life-related questions.


Make sure the spaces and filled as accurate as possible. They include the phone number, company name, address and website URL.


Still, under this section, you will see the payment page. Once you get to that point, put in your email ID associated with your PayPal account.


Verify the mail that would be sent to your mailbox


Step 3: At this point, you smile because all the work is done. You will automatically be redirected to your affiliates dashboard. Once this is done, it left to you now to start writing and promoting your link for referrals and earning.

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bluehost affiliate signup


At this point, you will be requested to re-login with your username and password. Once it clears up, your screen would be displaying your Bluehost earnings dashboard. Full control of your dashboard is dependent on you. From ads size, types, and format.  Also, you will be able to monitor carefully and track all your earnings click.


How to Publicize Your Affiliate Link.


So distracting, many would sign up and still be unable to publicize their link to their global audience and their earnings.


Nothing much to say under this section, but to publicize your Bluehost earnings link, do the following:


  • Write an article and publish as a guest post and on your site also.
  • Share your Bluehost referral earnings link across social media.
  • Share your coupon codes.


Like I mentioned earlier, only three-points are mentioned, but if used effectively and efficiently, a massive monthly view would also mean a massive earning link purchase.


How does Bluehost Affiliate Pay?


One simple question for you. Do you invest in something without caring how it would benefit you? Certainly not.


So how does Bluehost affiliate program pay it earnings out?


With only two safe transactions, you can certainly cross the Bluehost earnings minimum threshold of $100.

Between 16th to 30th of every month, they pay out. They pay via Wire Transfer or PayPal.


In case you need a working PayPal account, or your country does not accept PayPal, drop a comment on that.


I believe by now you’ve seen how to make money running Bluehost Affiliate program. if you have any question, drop them in the comment section.


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