Reasons Why Some Webmasters Won’t Make It Online

Today(as of when this post was written), the is a new way in which some so-called webmasters and wapmasters behave and to me its very funny, and they may likely not make it in the online world if they continue that way. why do i say so?.

We see all around social media e.g Facebook, Twitter, etc, some of them adding to their names prefix such as “CYBER, WAPMASTER, GURU, WEBLORD, ETC.

So why do i say that they won’t make it with those names?. See some reasons below:

It looks scammy: scammy in the sense that, your profile will look like a fake account trying to exploit.

You will be regarded as a kid: yes this is because no matured person will include those in his official account.

Everyone will think that you are just starting: they will think so and guess that you want people to start knowing you, and because of this they make not bring any online job to you thinking that you may not be able to do anything as a newbie even if you can do it.

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What I Will Advice

Be natural, use your real name and be good at what you are doing, because when you are good at what you are doing, people will hear about you and get to know you and what you do. You should take a lesson from the popular webmasters, they DO NOT include WEBMASTER in their names but they are very well known, and are doing well in the online world. If you want to include what you do either webmaster or programmer, you can add them in the ABOUT SECTION of your profile.

Hope this little tips will help in a long way. Share it to friends.


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