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How To Add Admins Or Moderators On Your Wapka Site

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Today(as of when this post was written) many tend to be using the WAPKA platform, and as their daily readers increases they may have to be updating their wapsite regularly and also to fight spam. So many will be intrested in giving Admin/Moderator roles to trusted people.

If you want to add extra admins or moderators to update or fight spam in your wapsite, then this post is for you- see what you need to do below:

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First login to your wapka site(using the platform login mode i.e wapka.mobi ),

Then input your login email and password and click on login.

And a User Center page will open, scroll down and click on the site you want to set, and it will open another page then click on Admin Mode and your site will be opened.

Now click on Edit Site >> Users >> Registered Users.

Then you find the user you want to give admin or moderator and click on >> next to the username, And a page will open up. There you will see Edit permission in writing, click it and a down menu will

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Choose the one you want to grant the user from the four.

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1 – Usual user: no administrator/moderator permissions.

2 – Forum/chat moderator: permission to moderate (delete messages) for existing forums/chats.

3 – Local admin: limited permissions of admin excluding global functions (Autocontent, Upload/delete pictures, Global settings for titles, WAP2 global settings, WAP2 Classes settings, WAP2 Styles for content in forum/chat, Administration of registered users, Registration settings, Global settings, Mail Form, File manager).

4 – Global admin: nearly full admin permissions excluding important global settings (WAP2 global settings, Administration of registered users, Registration settings).

After that continue and click on done, and you have succesfully done it.

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