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Top 5 Secure Messaging Apps Of 2016

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It’s a registered fact that the states and governments often prowl around the personal devices of the people like cell phones and others so that a strict vigilance can be ensured of their activities. Few people find it comfy and spend their lives with what’s going on but many need privacy and are not for such intrusions. But if you don’t like such prying, you don’t
have to worry at all as we have enlisted the most secure messaging apps over here where you can enjoy your conversations in friendly and nailed

Signal (iOS and Android)

Signal is a very much safe messaging solution and maintains your privacy to a greater extent in this era of spying, encryption, and hacking. It supports encryption feature that promises permanent deletion of your text messages once they’re sent. Even if you want to keep a record of your text messages history, it supports that as well, but none can access those stored messages. Indeed, it’s a reliable messaging app with zero risk of
losing privacy.

Cryptocat (iOS and Android)

Cryptocat comes as the second most anchored messaging app that supports a user-friendly interface. It provides the privacy you hunt for and all of your received and sent messages to remain in tight safety. The most fantastic feature, of Cryptocat that makes it the most-looked, is the safest communication without any need for a high-end device. It’s quite readily available to all smartphone users.

StealthChat (iOS and Android)

This is comparatively a new addition to messaging apps market but doing perfectly outstanding regarding promising the security of users. It supports all the encryption features and lets the users enjoy secure conversations within their contacts. None of the messages is stored and in case someone else spies chats, he will have a hard time. Some users are utilizing this powerful messaging app to remain secured and protected. The recent technology reports reveal it may get much better as well in the offing.

Silent Phone (iOS and Android)

As the name implies, it’s considerably one of the most secure messaging apps these days. You can enjoy your chats and conversations silently with a guaranteed- privacy of your messages, web browsing history, and all other stuff from the snoops. The developers of the app have introduced other
supporting features too that let you hide all of your histories. This is a perfect choice if you need all of your cell phone activities out of monitoring applications.

Orbot (Android)

Orbot has gained reputation as one of the safest mode of conversation and
chats with friends, colleagues and family members when it comes to messaging apps. Along with ensuring zero-tension environment, it supports user-friendly features. The people, who are not technology whizz, can comfortably enjoy it with intent and other apps too.

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