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How To Hide Comment Box On Blogger Posts

Today i am here to share with you a very important post, about hiding a blogger comment on every post.
Hiding the blogger comment in your blogger blog is very easy and it only has to do with just a little coding.

Performing this might help most times when you want your blog to look official and not just like a gossip blog.

So follow the steps below.

Step 1: Login to your blogger account and then select your blog from the blogger dashboard.

Step 2: Then you will have to scroll your mouse down and click on template

Step 3: On the template page click on edit html code and then backup your template.

Step 4: Now click on your html code and then press CTRL+F on your keyboard and then search for the codes below
]]>< / b :skin >

Step 5: Just above the ]]>< /b :skin > paste this code below.
#comments {
display: none!important;

Finally, now click on the save button and then go back to your blog, reload it and see.

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Did you completely follow the steps, or do you have any suggestions or problem on the process? You can drop it in the comment box below.


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