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How To Get Dofollow Backlink From Google Plus

get backlinks from google plus

Basic tutorial on how to get a dofollow backlinks from Google plus, I know people love getting free backlinks from high authoritative site like google plus, so as to increase their visibiity rate on Google, It ain’t an easy tasks to get backlinks from social network as they tagged all their links nofollow but the questions is

Does Social Network Site Provide Backlinks?

Yes social network website also provide Dofollow Backlinks but just the lack of technical know how kills, Social networks like facebook, twitter, linkedin and Google plus provides it.

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I would be posting on how to get backlinks from Twitter and linkedin later but lets dive the hook inside the water on creating PR8 backlinks from Google plus

1. Make sure you have registered account on Google plus
2. Go to this url then click on profile
3. At the top right side is About bang on it and the page would be like this
4. The next page you will see Brief description about yourself click on edit at the downside
5. Write up your information at the introduction box provided and put your website html link or rather click on link just at the tip of introduction then type your url and text to display
6. Then the last step is to view your profile anonymously and click on your link to check if the link works Just wait for google bots to crawl your website and you have gotten youeself a Dofollow backlink from Google Plus.

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To know if you have successfully gotten your link I would urge you to use backlinks checker tools like or .


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