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6 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money Online

Have you ever thought of the reasons why you are not making money online? If the answer to that question is yes, then worry no more.

You may be thinking why I said worry no more.

Yes, worry no more, because there is something you’re not doing well, and our guest author for today Mazino Kigho Oyolo founder of, will be telling you 6 reasons why you are not making money online.

Hear from Mazino below.

After several attempts and money you invested, you didn’t earn anything. People always say you reap what you sow but in your own case, you sow and didn’t earn anything.

You begin to feel you are cursed or someone somewhere is hindering your progress. I quite understand that feeling because a lot of people do feel so.

But trust me, that isn’t the case. There are reasons why you haven’t been successful in making money online.

I will be highlighting the reasons you aren’t making money online. Maybe after reading through, you can change your approach towards making money online.

Why You Can’t Make Money Online.

reasons why you are not making money online

  1. You Acquired Half or No Basic Knowledge.

Over time, I have seen so many people quit many genuine online making systems. Some of such are blogging, affiliate marketing, drop shipping business, and social media marketing.

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After several sessions with them, I realized that they have less than 40% of the knowledge needed to help them scale through.

For instance, the drop shipping business suddenly gains popularity as a way of making money online. A lot successful drop shippers started displaying their earning screenshots and others sharing their success stories on blogs. People decided to find out how to start dropshipping business.

They didn’t do their research well enough. They acquired half knowledge, decided to open a drop shipping store which on the lowest estimate may cost $100.

Further, they proceeded to import products into their store without basic knowledge on finding winning products. That aside, they still went ahead to start advertising, let say Facebook ads without having grounded knowledge about their audience.

No faith in God or a miracle can occur. Neither is the luck in making sales. They suddenly quit and put up their drop shipping store for sale.

This also happens in other fields such as blogging.

You hear that people make money from blogging, you see bloggers post their earnings, they also talk about how they make money, you also see the kind of flamboyant lifestyle some of them live without thinking whether it’s real or not.

You then decided to set up your own blog, you buy the domain and maybe hosting, you then proceed to buy a theme, although some use free themes.

After setting up your blog, you decided to apply for Adsense because you hear about bloggers make money from it.

AdSense didn’t approve you, you got frustrated or you got approved but no traffic.

Then you started asking questions up and down on how to get traffic. Not only that, you started asking more dumb questions.

After a while, you give up and decide to sell your blog + the AdSense account.

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If you have learned, and gain the needed knowledge you won’t be asking certain questions.

All the examples and many more are reasons why you aren’t making money online – failure to acquire the needed knowledge.


  1. You Want to Make Quick Money

There is no legitimate way to make fast money online. You have to be patient and wait for results but it also boils down to the fact that you must have acquired the knowledge to succeed in that online business. Patience without knowledge is futile.

Read the stories of most successful people, they didn’t build their empire in just a day or month. So if you want to make money online you need patience while acquiring knowledge.


  1. You Lack Focus

Over the years, not being focus has made a lot of people wishing to make money online unable to do so.

They just want to do so many things at the same time whereas they haven’t succeeded in the first one they are doing.

I will give an example. For instance, you are into blogging, the next moment someone told you about a new way of making money or a kind of work, and instantly you left blogging to try the new information.

First, you have become a failed blogger. And you will probably abandon the second work once you are been told about another better option.

At the long run, you will discover that you are running in a circle just like a person going to one church after another to see miracle but didn’t get a positive result to his problem.

So if you are not focused on one particular thing at a particular time, you can never make money online.

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It is good to diversify but make sure before diving into one online making venture; you have something to fall back to.

Don’t be a failure in everything.


  1. You Don’t Want to Spend

This part can be very tricky. People spend on the wrong information. I am not talking about spending on just any information you see on the internet.

There is genuine information that will be will make one succeed online. Once you see one, do not hesitate to get it.

In irony, a lot of people want to make money online without spending even when they know what will make them succeed.

A blogger wants to make money online but he doesn’t want to spend money on the domain, hosting, theme and other things. He prefers others to give him those things for free while he invests his money on fashion and pleasures of life.

There is this saying; you use the money to get money.


  1. You Don’t Know What You Can Do

Everyone has something they know how to do best. If you can identify that, you will be able to make money online.

Writing can fetch you money online. Coaching can make you earn online. Selling can generate constant income online. Just know what you are good at and work on it.

If you can’t identify what you are good at and monetize it, sorry you can’t make money online.


  1. Making Money Online Is Not Meant For You

Everyone can’t do the same thing, so get a paid job and work from 9-5 if earning online is not working for you.

It is not your thing so don’t force.

After reading all the above the reasons why you aren’t making money online, I hope you know where your problem lies and probably the solution to it.

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