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The Secret Behind Tecno And Infinix

With the recent developments in the Nigerian mobile tech space, lots of attention have surrounded Infinix and TECNO.

Sometimes you hear statements like

“TECNO is losing to Infinix”

. But the fact is, they are not competitors.

That’s because they’re owned by the same company.

Some smart guys would have already know about this.

Here’s the story:
July 2006: TECNO TELECOM was founded in Hong Kong.

January 2007: TECNO launched itel.

2007/2008: TECNO launched in Nigeria, selling a variety of feature phones.

2010: Tecno Launched CarlCare.

2012: TECNO acquired and launched Infinix, a descendant of the old Sagem Wireless.

Not sure when, but sometime around probably 2012, TECNO TELECOM became Transsion Holdings, with three mobile phone brands (TECNO Mobile, Infinix Mobile and itel mobile) and a service centre, CarlCare.

Each of the mobile brands operates mostly independently of the others.

Each has its own website and style of operation.

Each also has its fans and target markets.

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Some interesting points: -Infinix phones are designed in France, but made in China.

-Infinix only makes “smart” devices (ie smartphones and tablets).

They actually have made several phones and one tablet.

This is because Infinix was originally meant to be a high-end brand, with TECNO holding the low- and mid-range market.

But, going by recent moves, it seems they’ve exchanged places.

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-Infinix’s recent major releases(as in when this article was published) are the: Zero (X506), Hot (X507), Hot Note (X551), Zero 2 (X509), Hot 2 (X510).

-TECNO’s recent major devices are: Phantom Z Mini, DroiPad 8, WinPad 10, Boom J7, Camon C8, Phantom 5.

-itel has the lowest profile of the three.
Their devices are entry-level, quite cheap.

You might also have seen the words Afmobi or Palmchat on their phones.

Afmobi is also owned by TECNO (though they don’t make phones).

Palmchat is their social network.
So, that’s it.
I guess you could say that TECNO owns Infinix but they operate separately, just like how Lenovo owns Motorola.

Still Doubting?

If you use an Infinix phone, check the XClib app. It’s package name is: com.tecno..infinix..xclub.


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