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How To Add Comments Count System In Wapka Forum

In today’s wapka tutor, i’ll be showing you how to easily add comments count system in your wapka forum
total comments count system in wapka forumSo if this is what you have been looking for, then follow the tutorial closely because its a two(2) step procedures to accomplish it.
First go to msg in forum box1 (m i f 0.1) Locate ::msg:: and replace it with code below


Now add this either in the same box or the third box

Comment Count Loading

After adding all of that, click on submit.

Secondly, goto your forum bottom autocontent page and add this javascript HTML below.
#c8d4dd;overflow:hidden” name=”codes”>
var tr=document.getElementById(‘eachmsg’).length-1;
if (tr==’1′) {document.getElementById(“Rs”).innerHTML=”” tr ” person commented on this.”
} else if (tr==’0′) {document.getElementById(“Rs”).innerHTML=”No comments yet. Be the first of your friends to comment on this!”} else{document.getElementById(“Rs”).innerHTML=”” tr ” People commented on this”};

And that is all, view your wapka posts and you should see the number of comments there. Happy wapmastering!

Did you face any problem, or have any question, did it work for you? Drop your comments in the box below.
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