Lucky Patcher iOS: A Quick and simple Overview

iPhone users are indeed lucky to have the Lucky patcher on their own iOS software since it’s release, the internet has been buzzing with the search query: “Lucky Patcher iOS”

Below is a Graph showing how much people search for this since it’s release.

The graph shows a potential increase means it’s buzzing but now let’s see why it’s something of interest.

Why is the Lucky Patcher iOS something of interest to a lot of persons

Well, it’s because lucky patcher has just been available for only android users for quite a long time now and as a result of that coming out for iPhone users, it’s actually great because of its function.

So what are the functions? Well let’s see:

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The basic function of the lucky patcher ios is that it blocks ads.

Although it has other functions this is the most reason why people use it.

When we browse and try to download from the internet we see a lot of ads and lucky patcher helps to reduce these ads

Unfortunately, the lucky patcher app is not available on iTunes.

But this post we help you to download the lucky patcher for your iPhone or iPad.

How to download the lucky patcher for your iPhone or iPad.

This will solve the problem of not being able to access the lucky patcher, another reason why you should try to download it is that they extend the trial duration of any paid apps

So its cool you choose this application for your ios device.

So now let’s look for how you can be able to install this app.

As I said earlier this app is not available on iTunes or any ios app store.

So here are the steps to get this app:


  • First, download the ipadian app for your iPhone device.
  • After downloading install the application.
  • After installation search for Lucky patcher in the
  • Search bar of the ipadian app and their app
  • Definitely, a lucky patcher result will come out kindly, click on download.
  • Give the application permission to configure this app for you
  • Once the application is installed, that’s it! You already have your lucky patcher for your ios device.
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PS: Please note that this is not the official version of the lucky patcher app. 

Lucky patcher was not designed for iOS this is basically for your desires to hack your games and explore other features of applications.

So use this application with caution.

If the lucky patcher is eventually released for iPhone you’ll definitely get it.


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What are the other features of the lucky patcher iOS app:

The lucky patcher has a lot of great features, they are

  • Blocking annoying ads and allowing you to enjoy your browsing experience.


  • Hacking games for free credit and gems
  • Uninstall unwanted apps especially Bluetooth with the lucky patcher app for ios.
  • Remove permissions you do not want from apps that are looking suspicious.
  • It can backup your applications and games so you won’t lose much data eventually.
  • It can’t stop the verification of paid apps or license apps when you download these apps from the internet.

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The last say!

I would admit Android users are totally enjoying the lucky patcher app especially when they trust that they have the official version

As I said earlier using this app has to be with your own wisdom.

But either way, using this app can help you get rid of this annoying ad you never wanted to see.

Which eventually leads to a better browsing experience.

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Also, have the opportunity to get rid of paid app verification.

So it’s totally a great opportunity but if all you want is just to remove those ads, you can download much safer and better ad blockers on your app store.

I hope everyone here is satisfied with the instructions on how to get lucky patcher ios app on your iPhone.

If you have any questions drop them in the comment section and I’ll definitely reply to you as soon as possible.


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