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Wapkathemes – Reviews, Why You Should Use It On Your Wapka

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You must have heard in late 2015 about the wapkathemes, which was to be launch in 2016.

Well, on 7th of January 2016, the team announce the release of the new wapkathemes and the website wapkathemes.mobi. And i will be writing below why every wapka user should be using wapkathemes on their wapsites.

Why You Should Use Wapkathemes

1. Wapkathemes have already-made themes just as wordpress does, meaning you dont have to waste your time in coding up a design on your wapka site.

2. The themes are loading fast at 13kb.

3. Users can now download themes at a click even without applying for it.

4. The themes are compactible with all latest browsers.

5. You can choose up a theme both for a download portal or a forum site.

6. The themes are all free!!!

Just as their motto says “Design is traffic”.

How To Setup Wapkathemes

In wapka it is practically impossible to install themes as do wordpress, rather, i have decided to use the word “setup” which emcompasses actual cms distincts.

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First you are required to register in the site with your valid email address, because a confirmation code will be sent there, after confirming, you will have to wait and have your account activated-this process is done manualy for now but hope to improve in future, after your account have been activated, at the moment you can get the theme downloaded, you are expected to continue by extracting the .zip file and begin to set it up by paying heed to its default manuals.

How Do They Monetize?

Wapkathemes is a charity organization and at such expect you donate an ad space above your footer by not removing their already placed ad, so they could possibly achieve their goal.
If you are a wapkan then try out a theme by visiting http://wapkathemes.mobi

If you have any problem with the theme, they have an online support team, which will help you

I will keep updating this post as their team keep updating the setup process with other necessary pointr to note.

So we can say that this is aguably one of the greatest development, ever seen in wapka and with this recent development we are rest assured that every wapka site will look mobile professional in the nearest future.
The wapkathemes team still have plans to develop a working facebook sharer for every wapka site in the world. And i believe it will not take them long to do it.

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