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Social Media Marketing: Dos & Don’ts of Running a Successful Campaign

With thousands of online sources available 24/7, running a campaign on social media seems to be easier than ever before, even for the total beginners. From the countless success stories to the guides made by marketing experts, the internet is full of tips on how to make your next online campaign successful.

First things first – be confident! Running a campaign on Facebook is not exactly rocket science.

However, you do need to know about a few simple steps that will help your business grow by leaps and bounds.

DO: Be clear about your expectations

Like with any other action that requires investing time, knowledge, and money, you’ll need to define your goals before starting a social media campaign.

Have you ever seen a truly successful entrepreneur with fuzzy campaigns on social media? Yeah, you probably haven’t. As long as you know what your goals and expectations are, you have a base to work with.

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DON’T start before defining your goals. Otherwise, you risk making an investment in a campaign destined to fail.

DO: Choose where to go

While there is a good chance that your business can be successfully promoted on multiple social networks, it’s in your best interest to choose a place where you can maximize the potential of your campaign. There is a reason why, for example, members of the Kardashian family use Instagram much more than Facebook – their businesses benefit from promoting visually appealing content. If you lack information about the features of the most popular social networking websites, do detailed research before making a final decision.

DON’T go to places that objectively can’t support your campaign’s goals.

DO: Track your results

This is extremely important for your campaign. In order to have a clear picture of what your advantages and weaknesses are, you need to be in possession of the relevant data.

However, data alone doesn’t mean much if you can’t understand the insight derived from it. This is where your campaign can immensely benefit from hiring a company that specializes in social media monitoring, regardless of the type of analysis that you need.

Tracking the results regularly is valuable because it helps with finding the right direction for your future online campaigns.

DON’T underestimate the indicators showing that you need to apply some changes to your campaigns.

DO: Engage your followers

You can run hundreds of campaigns. However, that won’t mean much unless you engage your followers with what you do. In other words, you need loyal fans. That’s the ultimate dream of every person who strives to succeed in the world of social media.

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From the importance of consistency to picking the right time to post content, there are numerous valuable tips that you can regularly use to maximize engagement.

Instead of expecting tens of random and insignificant comments below your posts, consider asking your followers some interesting questions regarding your business. That’s how you’ll get truly valuable feedback from your fans. Chatting with them from time to time will make you look more serious and down to earth.

DON’T be a copycat. Try to be as real as you can. The world is already full of duplicates and fakers.

DO: Follow your rivals

In order to reach the top in your field, you’ll need to keep an eye on your rivals.

While you don’t necessarily need to press the “follow” or “like” buttons on their pages, secretly taking note of what your competition does can help you improve your own campaigns.

Be assured that all of them do the same.

DON’T act as if you know everything. That’s simply not possible.

DO: Partner with others

It will probably take you some time to find a person or a business that you can collaborate with.

However, once you ‘click’ with some of them, do not hesitate to start negotiating the joint campaign. For example, many social media influencers collaborate by offering giveaways. This is a great way to build a long-term collaboration that all sides can benefit from.

DON’T forget that we all go through rocky times. That’s when your partners can lift you up and help your business survive.

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You can check out Digital marketing Ikeja training if you’re in Nigeria.

Write down your thoughts whenever you can. While these simple rules will surely help you run a successful social media campaign, don’t close your mind to new ideas. Some of them you’ll find when you widen the scope of your interests.

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