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5 Great Softwares Every PC User Should Have

In this post i will be higlighting the 5 important softwares every PC user should have today, and it is undeniable that many of you will start guessing which ones it will be, just read on.

1. MS OFFICE: In an estimate about 90% of PC Users have either the Components or All of MS OFFICE and this makes it to be the Number 1 software.

which realy shows that you cant escape using documents on your computer and this is where MS WORD is needed, either you are recording data where MIRCROSOFT EXCEL have a bigger role to play or you are creating a presentation in which MIRCOSOFT POWERPOINT is to be used.

2. ADOBE READER: Sometimes you may want to download an information or it is been sent to you which will be in the format of Pdf, ADOBE READER is a great software to view them, because without ADOBE READER on you PC you cant view them. ADOBE is so important that it often comes with some smart mobile phones.

3. VLC PLAYER: We all know that every Operating System do come with their Media Player Program, but having VLC PLAYER in your computer is (will i say) an added advantage for your PC as it comes with more functions and compatibility.

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4. BROWSERS: We are all well aware of the fact that all newly bought computers comes with a pre-install browser called Internet Explorer, so you may ask why is this included.

I am including it because you may not enjoy your browsing expirence with only Explorer, so i would be advicing you plan and get other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

5. WINRAR: This Software function is mainly for .zip files, which can be used to know their contents. Zip files are like folders which files can be compressed inside them. We all know folders can be opened easily, but a Zip file will need a WINRAR for its contents to be revealed

Now over to you, do you think i skipped a software that should be in here or a software that should not be among the top 5??? Let me know.


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