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What to do when Adsense Don’t Reply Your Application Status

It’s no secret that Adsense do tell us to wait a couple of hours to about a week when we apply for an Adsense account in order for them to review our application.


From personal experience, I think it is safe to say that adsense “typically” reply you within 24 hours if your application is going to be rejected, but might take a little longer if it’s likely to get approved.


However, in some rare cases, you might never get any reply even after one week up to a whole month! I’ve had to find myself in this position 2-3 times so far. It seems most likely to occur when you apply using freenom free domains, ccTLD like and even other domain extensions that isn’t .com.


If you find your Adsense application neglected for up to two weeks or more, well it’s a good thing you stumbled upon this post.

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Because I’ve been there and so far in my fair share of the experience, there are two basic things you can do:

    1. Send them a message.
    2. Delete the account and try again.


How To Send Adsense Feedback


This is the most preferred option and I recently used this method few days back for a laboratory experiment blog with a domain name and also around this time last year for an environmental blog with a .info domain name.

So how do you send Google Adsense a Reminder to Review Your Pending Adsense Account? Well its quite simple. Just follow the steps below.

==> Log into your Adsense account.

==> Click on the toggle menu at the left corner.

==> Click on Send Feedback

==> A feedback form will appear. Input a short message informing Adsense team that your account haven’t been reviewed yet and that you are still awaiting their reply on the status of your Adsense approval with that account.

==> Then send the message.

==> That’s it.

Now you just gotta chill and to wait for their reply. This can take 24 hours to 3 days or even more.

After sending them this message, I normally check back my email the next day and like magic, sitting in my inbox is an approval email. You can compare the date of application and date of final approval to see how long this site was delayed before approval under 24 hours of sending them a reminder message.

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How To Delete Pending Adsense Account

The next if not unnecessary, and at that a last resort, option you can opt for is delete the account and try again with the same gmail account or a different/new one.


Sadly, when you apply for an adsense account, you won’t be able to use the same domain to apply for another account, because google associates your domain name to the initially and in this case pending adsense application. Meaning your domain is “stuck” there. In order to free or up, then you have to delete the pending account in order to be able to use it apply with another.


Take note that this can be done on both approved, disapproved and ignored AdSense account.

==> The first thing you do is login to your Adsense account you wish to cancel.

==> Click on the toggle button near the home link at the navigation bar to reveal the left sidebar.

==> Then at the left sidebar, Click on Account and two sub-options will appear.

  • Personal settings
  • Account Information

==> Click on Account Information, and a page containing your account information will load. At the last line, you will see “Account status Open”. Right next to it is a “cancel account” link.

==> Then click on “cancel account” and follow the prompt that follows.

==> Once your account is deleted, your domain you used to apply for the account will be free to use to apply again anytime.

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While I’ve succeeded with this, and used a different method to apply, I advice you to be patient and wait, send a feedback instead (as described above) and if after a long wait nothing happened, then you can go ahead and terminate the account. I’m stressing this because sometime ago last year, I terminated an account only for be to get in the mail box less than 24 hours that an approval message. Sadly I’ve already deleted it although I’d still got approved after I reapplied but the time of wait was extended.


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