NobleLoaded Featured as “Blog of The Week” on Zealmat

With gratitude in my heart and a great joy in my soul it is my pleasure and honor to announce to you that NobleLoaded was featured on Zealmat as the ‘Blog of The Week’ by Mathias Amodu

When i first saw the link on Facebook, i was out of words could not belive my blog would be featured, It was really overwhelming!!

This is just the beginning of great things coming my way.

If you think that this is an insignificant feat then just carry out a quick research about Zealmat.com This is really massive for NobleLoaded.

I’m so glad that my blog was chosen among other thousands of blogs out there. It only shows that we are doing something here.

I want to use this medium to thank Mathias of Zealmat for this wonderful opportunity of showcasing my blog, and not also forgetting my Blog Readers(Die hard Readers) lolz. 🙂 and my friends who have also assisted me in one way or the other to keep on running this blog, i say a very BIG thank you.

I promise that this blog will keep on delivering great contents, and i know there are more, more and more Milestones” that this blog will climb. Thanks!! Love you All!!!

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  • Wow am so happy for the compliment am so greatful sir and zealmatblog will always continue to serve you better

  • Hmmmmm zealmatblog has been and still the blog I look up to. Over time I won the domain award on zealmatblog which is http://www.nairatrace.com and was also featured in the blog of the week some weeks ago. I called him unselfish master because he has done a lot for me and many others. He was the reason why I'm not frustrated In blogging spare.

  • I agree with you Abdulmalik, zealmatblog is wonderful… Mathias is really trying, kudos to him.

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