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Founder Of Nollylovers To Host Free Airtime GiveAway This December

Airtime giveawayLike you have read in the title of this post, it is actually an airtime giveaway.

Emeka Obi is someone who loves giving no matter how small he has, and he came up with this to continue encouraging his dear fans out there.

And we all know that the year of 2015 is coming to an end, so he decided to reward his faithful readers and blog commenters for staying with him through out the whole year, and not just his readers alone he decided to also extend it to our wonderful NobleLoaded readers, so this blog readers are not left out in this Giveaway.

So the founder of NollyLovers, Emeka Obi in association with NobleLoaded have decided to host a free airtime giveaway this december. According to him he says “Thats just the little we can offer you guys for now; but as time goes on we upgrade.” but to the minds of thousand, it is not just little but great work.

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How To Get The GiveAway

According to him the GiveAway will be on the 25th and pins would be droped on their two Social Media accounts FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


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