FXKudi, A Fintech Product For Online Money Transfer and Online Payment With Ease

Using FXKUDI isn’t just a way to securely and conveniently send or receive the money within Africa and from overseas, with ease, having an FXKUDI account also allows you to create a personalized virtual card which is FXKUDI Card. 

This card gives you the “power to pay” for your local and international purchases online. More so, FXKUDI makes it easy for you to pay your utility bills (like paying for DSTV subscription both in Nigeria and Ghana, Purchasing Phone Airtime which is available in Nigeria, Ghana, and the United States) using our mobile app.

Speaking with the team, they said “Africa we know today is a continent that is open to the global market, and with a population of mostly young people on the continent, it is obvious that Africa possesses the drive to take on a global challenge. Also, in the business ecosystem in Africa, where entrepreneurs, businesses, and consumers are sending and receiving money for their day-to-day activities, which is why we want to make sure that FXKUDI serves their needs easily, conveniently, timely, and safely”.

In 2018, it was discovered that people who study abroad are having difficulty receiving money from (their parents) home. Also, many of those who have loved ones in countries outside Africa finds it very difficult to send money home, and sometimes when they do, the charges and exchange rates to send the money are not encouraging. We also note that young entrepreneurs and businesses who have clients abroad have issues with receiving payment for their services. Sometimes, to receive the money, they have to wait for days to get the money in their local bank account. According to them, that is sometimes frustrating.

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Again, on the other hand, consumers, entrepreneurs, and businesses say sometimes their bank cards are restricted to be used on international shopping websites and other platforms. Platforms like paying for a Netflix subscription, Facebook Ads, Amazon, eBay, Spotify, Apple Music, Microsoft Cloud, Google Cloud, and many more.

This is what led to the establishment of FXKUDI. We want to give our users the best experience using our app to send, receive, and perform their everyday spending activities, all in one place.

We launch FXKUDI to ensure that businesses, entrepreneurs, and consumers’ payment issues become a thing of the past. While FXKUDI helps them take care of sending, receiving, and spending money (and shows them a realtime record of their transactions using FXKUDI app), they now have time to focus on other things about their business or individual growth.

With the tools and infrastructure we have built, FXKUDI will power businesses and ensure that the easiest thing to do for businesses, entrepreneurs, and consumers is to be able to carry out their monetary transactions with ease all across the African continent.

We have partnered with VISA, DSTV, MTN, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE, and VODAFONE so our users own the power to get their bills sorted out with just a single FXKUDI account. 

Introducing FXKUDI Loyalty Program

FXKUDI Loyalty Program

Since we launched on February 23rd, 2020, we have been focusing on ensuring that our users have the tools required to perform their daily monetary transactions with FXkudi. These monetary activities include sending money to family and friends from Europe, America, and the UK to Africa, Paying Bills, and Using the FXKudi Card for their online payments.

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At exactly one month later, we gave an update on the volume of transactions we have completed so far. That update was to share our story so far and appreciate all our users for trusting the FXKudi platform. On a second note, talking about appreciating our users, we are excited that we want to start rewarding our users for using our service. FXKudi understands the importance of the users we have and they have been amazingly wonderful, and we will continue to work hard to serve you better.

Just as we said, we want to start rewarding our users and the time is now. We have created a loyalty program that is meant to give rewards to our users for using FXKudi to perform either money transfer or Online payment (which is creating an FXKudi Card for daily online payments).

How It Works

Our loyalty program is basically a reward program meant for users of FXKudi. You use our service to send money to friends and family, refer a friend, or use it for online payment (as we stated), you get rewarded with KudiCoin (KC).

“KudiCoin (KC) is not a form of new money currency nor is it a kind of cryptocurrency. It is our own way of rewarding you, and you can redeem your KudiCoin (KC) for Naira or Cedis. “

As a user, you are rewarded for every transaction carried out with FXKudi. You have a dashboard to monitor your earnings and in the dashboard, you’d find your unique referral code which is meant for inviting friends to use FXKudi. Whenever there is a successful registration with your unique referral code, you get rewarded with 10 KudiCoin (KC).

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Your earnings in KudiCoin (KC) will be due to redeem for real money when it reaches 500 KudiCoin (KC) which could either be redeemed to receive Cedis or Naira. These rewards are instantly paid into your provided account details which could be a Nigerian or Ghanaian Bank Account or Mobile Money Wallet.

Share With Friends and Earn Together

Your referral code is important and it is meant to be shared with whoever you want to refer to FXKudi. All you have to do is navigate to Loyalty Program in your FXKudi account either from our website or (Android) mobile app. Copy and send to your friends, they would have to provide your referral code in the process of registration. You will be rewarded for inviting them and you can make money with friends and family with FXKudi. 


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