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10 Best Places to Visit in the World

Are you in search of the most exotic spots in the world? Well, search no more. In this article,  I will be highlighting the best places to visit in the world. I will be guiding you through the most amazing spots that are definitely worth crossing off a bucket list. Traveling the world can be a fun and amazing experience. Are you alone traveler? Let’s be your companion. Traveling with a partner? Let’s make it a memorable experience.

However, before you hit the road, it would help to create a travel checklist. Why? The last thing you want is to be halfway through your journey or at your destination, only to find out you forgot some essentials at home. With that said, you are all set to embark on your journey. Saddle up as we take you through some beautiful sceneries the world has to offer.

10 Best places to visit in the world

Ever wanted to bath in the sun? Wanting nothing but the beauty of nature as far as your eyes could reach? Here you have it. I will help you plot that perfect escape from your daily work routine to a holiday of bliss. Excited? Well, I am, because these locations will provide you with unforgettable memories.

10 Best places to visit in the world

1) Montenegro – Best places to visit in the world

First stop, Montenegro. This is one of the best places to explore. You are treated to beautiful beaches and amazing horizons which are absolutely picturesque at sunset. It’s quality wine and European cuisine will also give you a taste of quality food. Ever heard of the Aman Sveti Stefan?  It is a fortified island that dates back to the 15th century. And it’s a fascinating spot to visit.

One more exciting thing to look out for is its spas and luxury accommodations that will be sure to give you the best treatment for your money’s worth.

2) The Azores – Best places to visit in the world

The Azores is situated in Portugal, it’s a set of breathtaking islands that are situated in the middle of the Atlantic. With new flight provisions made for this destination, reaching the Azores has never been any easier.

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Offering one of the best outdoor adventures and sizzling historical and cultural charm, this spot is a must visit.

From amazing waterfalls to beautiful vineyards, fascinating volcanic crater lakes, astonishing whale watching, hot springs, diving, surfing and so much more.

This location is a wonderland to behold. With various captivating landscapes, sights seeing has never been more interesting.

3) Kenya – Best places to visit in the world

Has the idea of a safari ever appealed to you? Here’s your chance have enjoyed the experience and connect with nature. The city’s vibrant culture is creatively showcased by Kenyan artists and local fashion designers. Deliberate actions are being taken to conserve and protect wildlife. On this adventure, you are guaranteed an epic and complete experience.

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4) Mexico City – Best places to visit in the world

Mexico? Yes! In recent times, this location has shown prospects of being an amazing tourist spot. Major hotels like Ritz-Carlton and Park Hyatt, Kimpton and Sofitel are moving into Mexico’s capital. Its rich cultural heritage and historical background make it a great place to unwind and explore.

5) Ljubljana – Best places to visit in the world

Ljubljana, one of Europe’s charming cities is situated in Slovenia. This vibrant city is one to check off your bucket list. Looking for that memorable, luxurious and chic vacation experience? This is your city. With just the right amount of vibe in the air, you are treated to the best rooftop bars and spectacular views. To cap it all up, you could sail the Ljubljanica River the traditional way with wooden boats.

6) Poland – Best places to visit in the world

In Portland, there is so much to do. You could visit historic locations like Auschwitz, explore landmarks of 160-year-old buildings in Raffles Europejski, or explore art in the city of Katowice. Passing time in this location always guarantees an enjoyable experience.

Are you a lover of quality food? This location doesn’t fall short of amazing cuisines.

7) Krabi, Thailand – Best places to visit in the world

Have you ever been to Thailand? Grab this opportunity of having a great time in the city of Krabi. Taking boat trips around the island is a common and yet breathing part of your tour in this city.

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Enjoy nothing but amazing landscapes and beautiful sceneries that will leave you with blissful memories.

8) Alicante – Best places to visit in the world

The city of Alicante is a sight to behold. With peaceful and beautiful landscapes to explore, it’s a must-visit destination. Do you want to go somewhere new and exciting? Then this location should definitely be on your radar. Having the finest experience with your friends and loved ones is of importance. This city also houses a number of quality and hospitable resorts.

9) Iceland – Best places to visit in the world

Breathtaking waterfalls, glaciers, and whale-watching make Iceland a place to be. Are you fascinated with glaciers and mountain tall snow sceneries? There is no better time than now to explore. Experience the excitement of visiting this mystical country. It goes without saying that this destination is one of a kind.

10) Botswana – Best places to visit in the world

Discovering this location wasn’t difficult because quality can’t stay in hiding. Treat yourself to a mix of luxury and comfort that helps you align with nature. What’s more? You can find a host of beautiful lodges and amazing wildlife viewing.


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