Are Password Protected PDFs Secure

I remember quite well when I wanted to give out a promo code to a selected group of persons in a group, the promo code was contained in a PDF, and I didn’t want to just give it out to all of em randomly.

So I locked the PDF and sent the password to their mails.

I still had doubts that this isn’t as secure as I thought, but my doubts were wrong, passworded PDFs are secure, but it depends on you, if you passworded it the way I did you should have assurance that it’s secure, if you didn’t, then you should believe your doubts.

When you lock a pdf, it leaves a batch file somewhere in it, and opens up an input box for the password, if the person attempting access has the password, the content of the pdf will be open, on the other hand, the PDF will refuse to open.

So what then is the deciding factor when it comes to pdf protection?

Are Password Protected PDFs Secure?

Let’s take a guess.

The software used for it, wasn’t good enough? Ummmmm…. I don’t think so.

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I think what makes most locked PDF files become easily accessible, making them vulnerable to perceived hack, is the password used.

Most people use WEAK passwords like 123456789, or abc……z or even their birthday or their date of marriage.

These passwords are among the few that hackers attempt first, when trying to hack into locked PDFs… If you use them, they can get instant access, and it may not be as secure as you deemed it to be.

So the obvious solution here is the usage of strong passwords, and the ability to remember it.

Creating a string password all by yourself can be very hard, I mean we aren’t meant to compile symbol’s and numbers and letters that, when pronounced doesn’t even makes sense to us at all.

This means you would need something like a password generator to generate strong passwords.

I linked one above, that can be of great help to you, you can input numbers and symbols and alphabets, and even set how long you want your password to be.

Oh one last thing…. To get stronger password, always set the minimum bar at 8 so you can get something solid, and strong enough to be a password.

So, yes password protected PDFs are secure, only if you use strong passwords.

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