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How to Increase Your Instagram Video Views

Thinking about a way to increase your Instagram video views? Well, look nowhere else as this post will help you achieve that.

Over the past 10 years the internet has taken over, and so people are engaging in Digital advertising, and social media Video promotion in-order to reach more users in the internet as those are the most important and powerful ways of creating awareness for your products or brand and also get loyal customers, as you enhance your online visibility and availability.

Among the list of social media platforms for promotion, Instagram is one of the powerful platforms especially in video marketing

Unfortunately, the cost of paying for Instagram’s ad service is high and in a country like Nigeria, the Dollar rate has really affected us. So how do we get more views and spread our video promotions to a wider audience? And at the same time increase your brand awareness? Well to do this you need to take some measures in order to gain more views.  This post will guide you through the way to a successful free campaign on video promotion on Instagram.

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Tips on how to increase your Instagram Video Views

Start with the Basics:

The Instagram platform was introduced in 2010 and currently, it is being used by millions of people worldwide as a profitable tool for their businesses and investment. If you want to go viral you have to use Instagram wisely and that starts with your settings.

Here you need to check all the settings that you have in your Instagram account. Note that you need to make some adjustments so you can be in a favorable position to connect with millions of users. Below are some settings to check

What to do

  1. Ensure that your settings are properly worked on so as to easily find other online users through the ‘Find and invite friends’ or ‘suggested Users
  2. Make sure your profile description or bio professionally describes who you are, what you do, and prevent your profile from tags on damaging contents. To adjust this; go to settings and Adjust the Tagging options and change it to Add Manually.
  3. Create online Connections with some other persons who are important or popular on Instagram who can share your post in their Wall, so they should be of the same niche as you are.
  4. Include relevant #hash tags that you can use on your post and also optimize your text with keywords so it can be seen and indexed by Google.
  5. Make sure you include all relevant information so that users can know they are following someone Genuine.


Use Relevant #HashTags in your videos

Ever since Social media embarrassed hashtags they have proven to be a very influential feature when it gets to getting likes on your content either it being a Text Picture or Video, it increases your online presence and your post engagements with your targeted audience which generates more traffic to your posts.

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Note that if you generate more leads or traffic it is equal to more conversions which leads to more business. Hashtags are not only to be used in stories or photos but are also useful in videos as well.

As a result, you need to learn how to choose the right hashtags, the relevant ones which can help to expand your reach and also connect yourself with new Instagram users especially those that search and follow hashtags (A new Feature on Instagram).


How to choose the best/right #HashTags

It’s a big challenge to boost your visibility by using hashtags, the best hashtags are the ones used by many persons.

Let’s take an Example, If you operate a bakery and you use hashtags like #Summer #Cars you won’t get views as your service is not in relation with the users exploring that hashtag, but if you use a hashtag like #sweetbread #Butterbread you will eventually get views as the users exploring that category are with the same interest as what you are promoting.

Also if you add your location on the hash tags your post will become more visible to customers who are closer to you and at the same time interested in what you are sharing which will, in turn, increase your Instagram video views


Run Instagram Ads

Unlike other organic posts, Instagram ads cost money and it’s more expensive than that of Facebook. This can be able to serve as a catalyst to stir the number of followers you have and get more Instagram views quickly.

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If you have a video that you want to get popular you can start a “video view” campaign and it could be the best means to make your video viral.

Instagram has been a great option as other big companies are effectively using this service to reach more people and get more engagements.

But you should be aware as I said above that they are expensive than Facebook ads.


Post Shareable Videos

If you want your post to be engaging then make sure you post sharable contents(videos in this case), post videos that your followers should be able, to share to their own followers and what their followers can be able to share as well, by this, you can increase your Video Views.

Repost Your Existing Videos

While it’s important to post updated content to your followers which is also relevant, it is also important that you repost your old and existing Videos, as it can increase your Instagram video views as well.

You could just take a small clip of the post and then publish it to your followers.

Schedule your post to go live at Peak times

It’s true that Instagram’s Algorithm can have an effect when people see your post but its best to post at peak times as it can affect your views positively.

Tip: Instagram is less active on Sundays so if you share your post on Sundays you won’t get enough views so expect less, but on days like Thursdays and Saturdays Instagram is very active.


Instagram is a very effective and powerful tool for promotion but you can only get it if you make good use of it and use the tips here and also your creativity.

Use these tips to Increase Your Instagram Video Views

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